Walking Through Tuscany, Italy, Inn-to-Inn

When I think of Tuscany, fascinating old towns, wine growing regions and wonderful food come to mind. Recent movies have moved Tuscany to the forefront of travel wish lists by their depiction …Tea With Mussolini…and Under the Tuscan Sun to name two. Tea With Mussolini incorporated stupendous views of San Gimignano and that was it…I had to see it for myself.

Sherpa Expeditions (based in the U.K.) had Treasures of Tuscany in their catalog – an Independent Inn-to-Inn Walking Tour. This would be self-guided, but they also have escorted walking/biking tours that visit the same areas. Request one of their brochures and see for yourself.

This was our fourth independent walking trip with Sherpa (three prior ones in France), and had confidence we were in good hands.


map of Tuscany area, Italy

Tuscany is the most thickly-wooded region in Italy. We would be walking through woods, fields, and small Tuscan towns with plenty of opportunity to eat their renowned cuisine and drink lots of Chianti! Doesn’t that sound good?

Details to follow….

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  1. Michael says:

    I have enjoyed your trave log. See you soon. ms

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