Walking Around Panagsama Beach, Cebu

Assured by Kasai Village Beach Resort that it was a short walk over to Panagsama Beach and easy to find, Steve and I set out to explore before it got too hot. The small “road” led past fields, houses, a small village before making a right turn into very small Panagsama Beach. This short walk actually took over one hour at a snail’s pace in the heat.  Scuba diving is the main activity in Panagsama Beach. With warm tropical water, colorful marine life, and the richest marine biodiversity in the Coral Triangle of the Philippines, why wouldn’t a diver come here.  Turtles can be seen at nearly every dive spot along with the occasional Giant whale shark.

Panagsama Beach is where the dive shops, hotels and restaurants are found. Looking for accommodations? The maybe five block main street is lined with easy-to-find, inexpensive hotels that charge $11 U.S. a day (almost all include two dives/day). Long and short-stay rooms for rent, one backpacker hostel, and even cottages on the waterfront.

local transportation is the trike in the Moalboal area, Cebu Island

local house around Moalboal, Cebu Island


Strewn between places to stay are dive shops, restaurants, bars, and small stalls with locals selling shells, T-shirts, food and water. Liter bottles of water were 25 Pesos here vs. 80 Pesos at Kasai Village and we ended schlepping two bottles back with us. The “Beach” as in Panagsama Beach is nonexistant. Most of the sand was blown away by a typhoon in 1984. This is an important fact if sun tanning on a beach is your goal.

shell necklaces and beads for sale in Panagsama Beach, Cebu

hundreds of empty bottles hang outside a Panagsama Beach bar, Cebu

bungalow sign in Panagsama Beach, Cebu Island


The trike/tuk-tuk, whatever you want to call it, is local transport around Panagsama Beach, Moalboal and also used to haul goods. Either powered by a regular bicycle attached to the passenger area, or motorbike, and more expensive than you’d think.

good, old-fashioned foot power hauling wood in Panagsama Beach, Cebu


We just wandered through town talking to people. (It appeared we were the only game in town since everybody else dives in the morning.) Two divers carrying tanks walked right into the calm water from the sand to begin diving from there.  Restaurants had good menus and beautiful views. It soon became too hot to continue walking. I don’t know how it happened but we missed the turn-off on the way back, got lost and ended walking much farther in the heat than either of us wanted. Sweat flew in all directions and road heat burned through Tevas.

"I shall return" sign in a Panagsama Beach restaurant, Cebu Island

local boy on stilts, Cebu Island

gorgeous young girl in Panagsama Beach, Cebu Island


All either of us had the strength to do back at Kasai Village Beach Resort was to get a cold drink and into the shade. Cebu is one of those places that always reminds me of Dudley Moore in “Ten” hopping from beach towel to beach towel because the sand can immolate your feet!


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