Visit Kotor’s Oldest Churches, Montenegro

Churches, churches and more churches line the streets of Kotor. The map listed over 10 with the oldest dating back to 1166 and ruins of four different monasteries. The oldest were of most importance to us and we began with St. Tryphon’s Cathedral.

– St. Tryphon’s Cathedral was built and consecrated in 1166 and is considered the most significant church monument in Kotor. Steve and I were not allowed to enter because we were wearing shorts. Remember that when you visit Kotor. (There is also an entrance fee.) People visit to see: the chapel with remains of St. Tryphon, the patron saint of Kotor; a treasury rich in paintings; the golden plate of the main altar; and frescos. We were content viewing rosettes on the facades and Baroque bell towers that replaced earlier Romanesque bell towers. 

bell towers of St. Tryphon, Kotor


– Charming and small St. Lukas Church (1195) is in the center of Kotor with important icons inside. It was a Catholic Church until the  mid-17th century when it was handed over to the Orthodox inhabitants of Kotor. A radiant and beautiful iconostasis in the church distinguished it from all the others. St. Lukas is also one of the only monuments that did not suffer significant destruction during the earthquake.

iconostasis in St. Lukas Church, Kotor


– Santa Anna’s Church dates from the end of the 12th century.

– St. Mary’s Church was built in 1221 on the site of an earlier pre-Romanesque church. There are remains of old frescos inside from the 14th century.

– St. Michael’s Church from the end of the 14th century.

– St. Paul’s Church was originally a Romanesque church and had fresco fragments from the 15th century.

outside decoration of an older Kotor church

inside of a small and intimate old church in Kotor

stunning altar inside one of Kotor's many churches


I truthfully lost track which church was which after a while and went back to just strolling the streets while waiting for the Explore group to finish walking up the fortifications. A real sore point because it took hours away from those of us who didn’t do this “optional” hike.

main entrance to path up to Fortress of St. John's, Kotor

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor souvenir shop, Montenegro


Well, as long as we had to wait for them… A bakery had delicious strudel shaped like a cigar. The shape may have been different than what we are used to but it sure tasted the same. Very yummy. Tourism in Kotor has increased over the years thanks to this magnificent old town. The cruise ship influx has certainly helped! Speaking of which, let’s all wave at some of the 1,254 Thompson Spirit passengers passed when the group finally left Kotor after 3:00p. Ta-ta…. So glad you weren’t in port along with us…

Thomson "Spirit" on the way to Kotor, Montenegro


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