Tunisia is A Fast and Easy Winter Destination

You may have never considered Tunisia for a Winter Destination but Europeans certainly do. Tunisia is easy from them to get to by charters, packages and airlines aplenty, especially during the summer months. However, flights from the United States require at least one stop on Lufthansa, Delta, Air France, American or Alitalia. At last look, no airline flies to Tunis directly from the U.S. Another reason Americans have lagged behind the Tunisia hit-parade is because so few tour operators market Tunisia, a country that deserves to be more popular. This is your chance to visit an exotic African country that is geared for tourists, warm in the winter, filled with friendly (and tolerant) people, excellent food and the most incredible sights.

Click these links to the Tunisian National Tourist Office, Wiki Travel or buy the great Lonely Planet guide to Tunisia for whatever information you may need. That will get you started…

How to get around? Tunisia has an excellent network of buses that connects all the main cities throughout the country. Cheap, comfortable and many buses are air-conditioned.

What are you looking for this winter…sun and a beach? All the big resorts in Tunisia are filled with hundreds of beach resorts and more than 300 days of sun with plenty of warm days and blue waters. All the hotels and resorts (including condominiums) are surrounded by restaurants, small grocery stores, souvenir shops and rugs…View image. Select one of these areas:

Tunisian hotel

a deserted beach in Tunisia

– The Isle of Djerba. Djerba is a flat Mediterranean Island off the coast of Tunisia and only a one-hour flight on Tunis Air from Tunis…View image. It is joined to the mainland by a 6km/4mi causeway built on a Roman foundation;

Hammamet is a popular and lively beach resort on the northeast coast. More choices, hotel entertainment, golf holidays and tree lined promenades. You can even ride a camel on the more than 16km/10miles of sand beach. Hammamet also has a walled medina, hilltop fortress and Kasbah; and

Sousse is ideal if you want lots of exotic North African atmosphere along with your beach. Sousse has ancient forts and Christian catacombs, what a combination!

Would you prefer to combine warm weather with a tour of amazing Tunisia? My highest recommendation goes to Adventure Center (Explore U.K.). Check out the “Find Your Adventure” on this site. We “explored” all of these fantabulous sites on the “Carthage and Deserts” tour:

The Roman Ruins of DouggaView image…date from 166 AD. Dougga is considered the most beautiful Roman monument in North Africa. What a place, and almost all of this ancient city still is buried underground. How about a chance to sit on a Roman toilet and I’ll never forget the directions to the town brothel either. Hard to get more graphic and still get the “point” across;

the important male anatomy points the way to the Dougga brothel, Tunisia

ex-Marine on a Roman toilet in Dougga, Tunisia

CarthageView image…a short ride outside of Tunis. The Romans sacked Carthage and the ruins weren’t that imposing but Carthage came to life for me in the movie, Patton. George C. Scott, playing Patton, stood on a Roman/Carthaginian battlefield and said, something to effect, “There was a great battle fought here” (more impressive and spine-tingling when George C. Scott said it);

The Sahara Sand Dunes offering camel rides…View image… on camels with personality plus…View image;

El Djem Colosseum. This gigantic amphitheatre in El Djem, is second only to that of Rome…View image;

– Spend the night in the Troglodyte village of Matmata…and visit the Star WarsView image… movie set! Did you know Luke’s boyhood home was filmed here?

star wars set.jpg
in Matmata’s troglodyte village, Tunisia

Could any vacation have more unique experiences than Tunisia?

Basic Information?

– Visas are not required by Americans, U.K. Citizens or E.U. residents. Since entry equirements are constantly changing, check with the Tunisian Embassy in your home country. A Passport only is necessary at this time.

Money. The Tunisian Dinar is the official currency. There is no problem exchanging GBP Sterling, Euros or U.S. Dollars in Tunisia and ATM’s are plentiful.

– Watch what you eat, make sure it’s cooked, hot and fresh, and drink bottled water only.

she and goats.jpg
Sheila and goats in Tunisia

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Now, wasn’t that easy?

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