Leaving The Remote Mountains of Teth/Thethi, North Albania

The original itinerary called for a trek on the Path of the Sheep in the direction of Boga, but Florian decided that the group wasn’t up to it and changed the plans. Instead, the same uncomfortable mini-van that drove Steve and I to Theth from Shkodra will drive the group up to the pass where they will walk down the road 8 kms/5 miles towards Boga. From Boga, the drive will continue to Shkroda, change vans, eat lunch and drive to Tirana for the last night. Below is a description of “Path of The Sheep” given to us by Outdoor Albania in case you decide to attempt it.

“We will leave Thethi to start another day of spectacular trekking in direction of the village of Boga. During this day we will walk along Shtegu i Dheneve – the Path of the Sheep, a narrow pathway that is a classic route through the Albanian Alps, connecting the villages of Thethi and Boga. After Pass and the stunning views it offers of Bjeshket e Namuna – “The Accursed Mountains,” the walk will continue downhill along the side Radohima mountain range until we reach the village of Boga.

Day 11 grandma an cow.jpg
Grandma taking the cow to pasture in Theth, Albania
Day 11 sora.jpg
little girls don’t get much prettier than Sora in Theth, Albania


Breakfast was bread, cheese and no jam. Fortunately, this lady makes wonderful bread and it became obvious that we weren’t going to stop in Shkodra for lunch since packed lunches appeared on the table. The Mehill Carku family bustled around outside. Grandma led the cow off to pasture, Sora amused herself by swinging a battered doll around by the hair…View image…, and Mother collected money for beers drunk over the last two days. I was ecstatic that the last night sleeping dorm-style was over, and told ex-Marine to give me a good shake if I ever mentioned shared-rooms on a trip. Give me a tent. The guesthouse was lovely, friendly family (even if you couldn’t understand anything they said), beds were clean, they served wholesome, organic food, and had inside toilets. (Could have done without walking down two flights of stairs to use the toilet during the night.) And, don’t think I was the only one in the group that was ready to move on. Others also divulged that they had had enough!

Day 11 family.jpg
Mehill Carku Guesthouse family, Theth, Albania
Day 11 two children.jpg
children smiling their goodbyes, Theth Guesthouse, Albania


Let’s go…

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