The Yushu, China Earthquake in July, 2009

How terribly ironic and sad that the entire series of ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and my trip to the Yushu area of China in July, 2009 is now running daily on Travels With Sheila. We are in the Huangshan area of China right now and arrived after an almost 8-hour train ride from Nanjing only to turn on the television and hear about the Yushu earthquake.

We spent almost three weeks in the Yushu area. Attended an opening of a new nunnery, watched a high-class Tibetan wedding, did a kora with the locals around a Buddhist temple and have so many wonderful memories. Both of the area and the hospitable, hardy and warm-hearted people. It is heartbreaking for us after visiting and participating in the local culture to imagine what the wonderful Yushu Tibetans are going through at this moment.

Yushu is a very sparsely populated, remote area in Qinghai Province that is difficult to get to under the best of circumstances. It has been unseasonably cold in China this Spring even where we are at Mt. Huangshan with daily temperatures in the 0-5 Celsius range. I’m sitting in multiple layers of clothing in a nice hotel and become ill just thinking of these poor homeless and injured Tibetans wandering around in Yushu’s high altitude of over 4,000 meters.

I hope you read and enjoy the articles of a happier time in Yushu and join us in sending prayers to the survivors along with hopes for a happier future.

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  1. Portia Wadsworth says:

    VERY sad for the Tibetans,, but VERY
    LUCKY for you and Steve. Can you go
    back and help out, or probably not possible at this time?
    Besides, we need you both to keep us
    ‘sedentary’ folks entertained and traveling
    without much expense!

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