The Source of The Nile, Uganda

The Nile is considered the longest river on Earth, 4,160 miles, and makes its way to Egypt ending in a large delta that empties into the Mediterranean Sea. John Hanning Speke was the first European to sight Lake Victoria (he named the Lake after Queen Victoria) in 1858. The British explorer was traveling through central Africa searching for the source of the Nile. When seeing this “vast expanse of open water” for the first time, Speke believed that this was the source of the Nile.
This section of the Nile is called the “White Nile” flowing to Khartoum, Sudan where it merges with the “Blue Nile” to form the Nile River. Climate changes and dams are blamed for a huge drop in the level of Lake Victoria – at least six feet in the past three years. The Lake is over 27,000 square miles (about the size of Ireland) and is the greatest of Africa’s Great Lakes.
The group got into a little river boat…View image… for our trip up the Nile to view the source and also do some more bird-viewing.


heading to the source by boat

The Source of the Nile was once a little spring bubbling up until various dams were built. Now, these bubbles in the water are all you can see. This, is the SOURCE! Impressed? No? Neither were we, but ex-Marine and I can now say we’ve stood at both ends of the 4,160 mile Nile River.


these bubbles are the Nile source

There were beautiful water hyacinths around the islands but the guide said that they are considered a nuisance and clog up the streams…View image. On the Lake Victoria boat ride, everyone was on the lookout for rare birds (didn’t see any). Villagers were out fishing…View image…lots of Cormorants diving and swimming. View image… At first, I thought a snake was sticking its head up out of the Lake. All these black Cormorant heads bobbing and diving sure looked like one at first. The Cormorants were diving for Tilapia and Nile Perch. When they catch a fish, the Cormorants throw the fish up in the air to swallow the fish headfirst. Interesting.

Cormorants and Pelicans fishing

From the Nile River into Jinja with very old buildings…View image…a light al fresco lunch at the “Source Cafe”…View image…(good handicrafts inside, by the way)…

lunch at “The Source Cafe”


Jinja street

Our last excursion in Uganda was over, and on the road through Kampala…I noticed signs posted at almost every crossroad advertising colleges and schools…

send your child to this school

…a great advertisement for Coca Cola…did you know that Coke brings magic?…

Coke brings magic to food

…a wonderful banana seller standing in the street…

Banana seller

…and some vividly painted buildings in one neighborhood…

scenes on buildings in Kampala

One last farewell dinner, hugs and kisses for our great traveling companions with whom we shared so many amazing experiences. Jan, Lisa and us were flying out on British Airways the next day…Blanche and Margot back to Capetown the day after. I don’t know how a trip could have possibly been more diverse. A recap, tomorrow…
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