The Public Bus from Sukhothai to Lampang, Thailand

Mr. Kositanont of the Ruean Thai Hotel drove us to the Sukhothai Bus Station and helped us buy tickets to Lampang. Horror of horrors. There are no reserved seats on this second class bus or toilets. The bus pulled in on time and I jumped jumped on to commandeer seats while the “man” loaded the suitcases. This bus even put luggage tags on the suitcases. Observation…the Second Class buses don’t have as much leg room as the First Class buses. A very boring ride with too many stops to mention. Unlike the First Class, direct buses, this bus stopped on demand. It seemed at times that we stopped every mile for over three hours while passengers waved down the bus along the highway and got on and off in little remote areas. Just call it, “the milk run bus” and you’d be right.

The bus did make two stops along the way. One for 30 minutes, a combination toilet-food break and another that was supposed to be 10 minutes but rapidly became 45 minutes. Our problem was that no one spoke English and we had no idea how long the bus was going to stay at each of these stops. However, like all Thai buses, they showed entertainment on television screens in the front of the bus…View image.

Day 7 bus sign for us to lompang.jpg
buying tickets from Sukhothai to Lampang

Day 7 lampang bus station.jpg
Lampang, Thailand Public Bus Station



Pulled into Lampang at 3:30 p.m. and all I cared about was finding a bathroom. The Lampang Bus Station had no free toilets and after scouring the station to even find a bathroom (it was upstairs), the woman in charge refused to trust me and I had to make the long journey back down to get 3 Bahts from ex-Marine.

Day 7 lampang hotel 2.jpg
the Wieng Lakor Hotel, Lampang, Thailand

The next challenge was to call the Wieng Lakor Hotel to pick us up. ex-Marine paid a woman behind the counter 20 bahts to call the Wieng Lakor Hotel (video) for us. Fifteen minutes later, there they were. In the car and to the hotel. Another beautiful and quite luxurious-looking hotel…View image. A fast unpack and downstairs into Wieng Lakor’s restaurant for a fast but good three course dinner. Sweet and sour chicken, stir fried vegetables, pork ribs and a much needed beer.

Day 7 lampang bowl of chilis.jpg
a bowl of Thailand’s super hot chilis to add a little zip

We have a horse-drawn carriage ride of Lampang, the last of our three “Historical Cities” scheduled for tomorrow morning before being driven to Chiang Mai.

lambang city map.jpg
Lampang, Thailand map

The first ever Intrepid trip – Northern Thailand

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