The Last Days At Sea on The NCL Norwegian Star Cruise

The second to the last day at sea was sunny and warm. Time for all 2,000+ passengers to sun on deck, play basketball, take a tour of the ship (bridge and galley), play Bingo, hit some golf balls into the net, aerobics, play ping pong, team trivia, badminton, lectures, Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament, wine tastings, movies (in your stateroom or movie theater), pilates….and that was just during the day. It’s no secret that you can keep busy 24-hours a day on a cruise ship…or not…take naps, read and do nothing.

Night brought The Second City Comedy, game shows, Karaoke, dance party, take family photos or portraits, and even a “power shopping hour” with Colombian Emeralds International. (They were always pushing the shopping.) As an example, pearl necklaces ordinarily selling for $200 were being discounted 50%. (If you visit China, a made to order pearl necklace will run $10-20. Tonight’s major highlight was going to be a Chocolate Buffet from 11:00 p.m. to Midnight.

Day 7 waitress copy.jpg
one of the lovely waitresses on Norwegian Star Cruise

I don’t know how the staff stays so cheerful with 10-hour working days, 7 days a week. The entire staff from the maintenance people, room steward, wait staff and reception have perpetual smiles plastered on and always acknowledge the passengers with a “good morning, madam,” etc. We never had to ask our room steward for anything. The soap dispensers were always filled and room made up twice a day with everything immaculate. Do you think they are Stepford clones?

Day 6 antonia.jpg
Antonia straightening out our account on Norwegian Star Cruise

Note: Make sure your balcony sliding door is in the locked position or the air conditioning/heat won’t work properly. Our room was a refrigerator because the room steward inadvertently left the door unlocked after straightening the chairs on the balcony. Maintenance came to the room, immediately walked to the sliding door, moved the handle to an upright position and the temperature warmed up instantly. Who knew… but now you know…

The last day at sea was cold and overcast, the only drawback when taking a cruise out of Los Angeles vs. Florida. Bummer…

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