The Luxurious, Five-Star Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

The classic wedding cake Fullerton Building was the largest structure in 1928, and Singapore’s central post office. Turned into a hotel for high-end travelers (a euphemism for extremely expensive) since 2001, it located at the mouth of the Singapore River between the Financial District and the Esplanade performing-arts center. There are 399 posh guest rooms and suites with views of either the riverfront promenade and harbor, or courtyard atrium. The entire center of The Fullerton Hotel is one big, open atrium with lobby, restaurants and shops radiating from there.

The Fullerton Hotel retained Doric columns that now support a skylight ceiling sheathed in rice paper. The architecture is magnificent but the location  is what made it ideal. The Fullerton Hotel is located in the Central Business District, a 25-minute ride from Singapore Changi Airport, 20 minutes from the Railway Station, 12 minutes from the Singapore Cruise Center, a minute’s walk from the Raffles Place Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station, steps away from the public bus stop and a short walk to the Marina Bay promenade.

portion of The Fullerton Hotel Lobby, Singapore


Thank you again American Airlines Miles for the two free nights. I freely admit that breakfast in a luxury hotel is a highlight. Other’s stay in posh hotels for the ambiance, superb service, wonderful beds. Feh, to all that. “Ambiance?” Ofttimes the littlest hotel has the most charm and ambiance. “Service” can be found in the humblest Asian hotel.  Wonderful beds? I can’t find anything bad to say about that, but nothing beats a gigantic buffet with everything but the kitchen sink in my book. Sushi. My favorite Dim Sum, Char Siu Bao; Char Siu Bao are Chinese steamed buns filled with barbequed pork, and you should have seen me snarfing an entire layer in the steamer basket. There were made to order waffles that I topped to overflowing with fresh fruit, bacon and maple syrup until the plate resembled a giant pyramid.

small section of Fullerton Hotel buffet breakfast, Singapore


Fresh, fresh fruit and real juices, not concentrated. Tables filled with different muffins, danish, breads. Salads, fish, meats, yadda…yadda…yadda…along with the ubiquitous egg station manned by chefs willing to create the most outlandish omelet.

partial breakfast fruit section at Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Travels With Sheila’s partially eaten breakfast – Fullerton Hotel, Singapore


Do I need to say that these buffets should be lavish for 50 Singapore Dollars ($40 U.S.) a person? Daily buffet breakfast for two was included in the free hotel nights otherwise we would have headed to a nearby McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin!

We sat. Ate. Drank coffee. Ate more. Drank more coffee until nauseous. Admired the skyscrapers, watched people pass the Fullerton Hotel on the pedestrian walkway that ran along both sides of the Singapore river, and the occasional river taxi and cruises. Not a bad way to spend the morning…

pedestrian river walk outside the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

fullerton hotel.jpg
location of the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore


restaurants and bars along Boat Quay, Singapore


The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore


A Travels With Sheila review: The Fullerton Hotel is worthy of five stars, luxurious, etc., but Singapore is overflowing with five-star hotels. No matter how they softened the lines and decorated this former post office with historic implications, the Fullerton still resembled a big, cavernous post office. I prefer the smaller Regent Singapore and would even consider one of the newer boutique hotels. But, free is free. Can’t knock that, can you?


architectural elevation of the Main Post Office, Singapore before it became the Fullerton Hotel

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