The East Side of Lac d’Annecy and Trivia

It’s a two hour walk if you begin from the Tourist Office and if you don’t feel like walking, there are many bicycle rental places in Annecy. The spur of land going out in the lake from Albigny has the town beach of Annecy on one side with tennis courts and entrance to the beach. Walking along you come to the Imperial Hotel, opened in 1913. The Hotel isn’t just a luxury hotel but also houses the Casino and Conference Center. There is a gorgeous rose garden in front of the Imperial Hotel and sculptures along with miniature golf behind it.
There are row, motor and pedal boats, some including little slides to slide into the lake…View image… available in this area and a playground for children. The Pont des Amours is an example of early 20th century ironwork…View image… and crosses the Canal du Vasse under plane trees. On the other side of the bridge are more children’s games in the Jardins de l’Europe, an English style garden planted in 1863.

Annecy hotel imperial 1.jpg
Hotel Imperial, Annecy, France

The Town Hall is neo-classical style and built during the reign of Victor-Emmanual II. We continued walking towards Talloires for a while, past marshes with a few unusual waterfowl, including Harve Bievre and Baby Fouque Macroule ducks. Both, extremely unusual.
Annecy baby fouque macroule red heads.jpg
little red heads on the baby macroule ducks

Annecy Harle Bievre duck.jpg
this Harle Bievre duck had a punk hair sticking out of its head

There was still time to walk up the steep road to the Chateau, eat and then catch our train back to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. There are quite a few Ibis Hotels close to the airport and our favorite is the Ibis Hotel by Terminal 3, Roisypole, because you can then connect between terminals on the free and fast inter-terminal train. TIP: If you stay at other hotels in the CDG area and take their free buses to and from CDG, the morning trip to the terminal from your hotel usually resembles a free-for-all with everyone fighting for limited space on the free shuttles. A real mess and one we’ve learned the hard way, standing there on pins and needles when you have a flight to catch.
TIP: There is a drawback to the Ibis Hotels. No air conditioning. Pretty bad when it’s hot but it’s your choice. Cheap or air conditioning. On the plus side, there is usually free WI-FI but ask when checking in for the code to access.
That just about covers it. Another wonderful trip that had unusual activities. ex-Marine has repeatedly stated …”No matter how many vacations we’ve taken to France, there is always something new to see, wonderful food, excitment and gorgeous small towns….we love it.”

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