The Cookies and Biscotti of Palermo, Sicily – Italy

Palermo has a reputation as a noisy, dirty, polluted city albeit with a long history as Sicily’s capital. It is all that but Palermo had exceptional food.
Let’s talk cookies and biscotti. Wandering around one of the two main squares, we happened to buy Biscotti at a small bakery, and then walked around the corner into a famous bakery that I can’t remember the name of! However, if you want to fly me back to Palermo, I’ll find that exact spot without any problem…we’ll eat Biscotti and cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Bakery sold very expensive cookies prepackaged in cellophane. Because of the cost, I didn’t open the package to taste until the end of the trip. Too late to run back to Palermo and buy a year’s supply so I had to make do by rationing and hoarding them, refusing to share. I even ended up keeping the “crumbs” in the bag and ate them mixed in with ice cream at home! They were so good….

The shops were also in this general vicinity of Palermo:


The group spent three nights in Palermo staying at Hotel Villa Damato Alberghi. The Hotel was slightly out of town which meant a taxi, public bus or walking a few miles. We were glad the hotel wasn’t in Palermo proper because the city is very noisy.

We toured Palermo on foot to see the Duamo, Capella Palatina and San Giovanni degli Eremiti through the old areas and drove to the Cathedral of Monreale, a beautiful Norman cathedral founded in 1174.
mini-monreale (2).jpg

But, back to the luscious food of Palermo (my favorite subject)…we had several excellent dinners in the old town. One was “Mi Manda Picone,” and the other was “Ai Vecchietti di Minchiapititto”. Wonderful, wonderful dinners and the wine throughout Sicily was equally fantastic and reasonable. If you love to eat, Sicily certainly lives up to its reputation for outstanding cuisine and wine, and Palermo was enjoyable despite the city chaos.

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