The Ultra Exclusive Resort of Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a town in Montenegro. Previously a fishing village, it became a hideaway for the “Rich and Famous” between the 1960s-1980s. A unique resort along the Budva Riviera (a 35 kilometer/21 mile strip of the Adriatic with the best beaches), Sveti Stefan stands on the cliff of a rocky island connected to the mainland by a sand isthmus.

Our minivans parked not far from gorgeous Villa Milocer built between 1934 and 1936. Villa Milocer was the summer residence of Queen Marija Karadordevic (1900–1961) of the Karađorđevic family of Serbia. Laid out on an incredible stretch of pink sand beach and surrounded by olive trees, this Villa has been refurbished as part of the Aman Sveti Stefan Resorts. Many in the Explore group were looking forward to taking a swim but this beach was now private property. If, perchance you feel like booking one of the Villa Milocer’s gradiouse suites and have megabucks to spare, here is a little information:

ultra luxuriious Villa Milocer, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro


There are eight suites that costs approximately 3,000 Euros ($4,300 U.S.) per night. Two suites have a bedroom, bathroom, living room. dining room, Juliet balconies and, of course, are elaborately decorated. A trifle too costly for us.

With no swimming allowed off this beach, the group walked through pine trees that gave upon amazing views of Sveti Stefan’s rocky island and down to the next set of beaches by the isthmus.

the rocky island of Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

beautiful but private beaches of Sveti Stefan, Montenegro


Alas for swimmers, these sand beaches were also private and off-limits, watched over by guards to make sure no hoi polloi stepped an unpedicured foot on them. It seems that Aman Sveti Stefan owns 2 kilometers/1.2 miles of coastline including the pink sandy beaches of Sveti Stefan, Milocer Beach and famous Queen’s Beach. It also owns Sveti Stefan island that has 58 guest rooms and cottages. No one is allowed to cross the isthmus unless they are a guest. Well! Excuse…me…!

closer look at privatized, exclusive Sveti Stefan island, Montenegro


Sinisa finally found a small stretch of water for swimmers but time was ticking. A fast dunk for some and it was back in the vans towards Virpazar on the northern tip of Lake Skadar; Montenegro on one side of the lake, Albania on the other.



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