The Berg Kodok Adventure Pass for Children in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

Today was our Anniversary. What to do? Since the weather was iffy, why not celebrate by acting like a child on the Berg Kodok? This is circular adventure path for children between age 7-14, begins at the Reiterkogel top station. Use the Joker Card for the free ride up the gondola; ride down when finished. An attendant stood there handing out booklets with a pencil to hang around your child’s neck. This book told a story and gave 10 tasks to accomplish.

“…The wicked troll has stolen the clown’s hat. It is your task to find the hat so it can again bring fair weather and good spirits to Kodok Mountain.” This is done by following the trail, and solving 10 riddles that gives you the secret magic word to defeat the troll and recover the hat.  Children fill in this section of the adventure pass completely, including the correct magic word, and hand it in at the Valley Station, where they get a “hat-sticker”, to take part in a contest with lots of great prizes.

Berg Kodok Adventure Trail Map, Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria


We began not by taking the Reiterkogelbahn up, but walking along the road to Kolling, quite a distance from Hinterglemm. Up a well-marked trail (weren’t they all) before branching off towards Rosswaldhutte (another mountain restaurant).

typical farmhouse on the Berg Kodok Trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria


Shrieking children, big and small with families began appearing at each one of the tasks. The Talking Tree reached by a small swinging bridge? Check. Secret Messages? Check. I was having more fun than the children!

Travels With Sheila and the Troll on Berg Kodok, Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria


The total trail distance is 3 km/1.8 miles and usually takes between 1.5-2 hours. It was completely understandable why we saw so many families in the Saalbach Hinterglemm area. Between the water park, miniature golf, rental bicycles, Berg Kodok, and Montelino’s Adventure Trail at the Kohlmais top station, there was so much for them to do!

The dreary, cool day suddenly changed to bright and sunny. (Mountains make their own weather.) With that, we left the excited children behind, rode the Reitgerkogelbahn down and took a free bus ride into Saalbach to browse the stores. Two buses ply the route twice an hour from one end of the valley to the other end. Look for a big green “H” on yellow background anywhere along the road. “H” (Halte) means stop.  Get on, show Joker Card and you’re good to go.

ex-Marine sitting at a Saalbach bus stop, Austria

"H" (halte - stop) bus station in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria


No sooner had we snared down tonight’s poire belle helene (ice cream, pear and chocolate sauce) dessert after dinner then Frau Ripper approached the table carrying a gigantic ice cream sundae with sparklers to celebrate our anniversary. Of course, we ate entire dessert #2, even stuffed to the gills from dinner and dessert #1. Is there ever such as thing as “too much dessert”? Happy Anniversary to us…

Anniversary sundae from Hotel am Reiterkogel, Hinterglemm, Austria



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