The Muria Village of Terdul, Chattisgarh/Chhatisgarh – India

Each Muria village had a different attire – feathers, flowers…an amazing amount of creativity seemed to go into their wearing apparel. The women had facial tattoos, displayed with pride. The tattoos serve a decorative value but also act as protective charms. …View image… I lost track of what tribe was which (with the exception of the Bison-Horn Maria) and started referring to them as: the “stilt” tribe; “pom-pom” tribe, “cow-bell” tribe, etc..

Driving to and from these areas were other sights to see…people cramming themselves into this little mini-taxi….View image… symetrical mounds of cow dung made into patties for fuel in the fields…View image…and a stop in a pottery village where the local potter whipped up a little pot for me on the spot which I graciously accepted and then had to hand-carry for the rest of the trip…View image

local pottery village, India

The villagers were very excited to see us and insisted on posing for photos.

woman in a pottery village, Chattisgarh region of India


Finally, on to the Muria village of Terdul where young Gotul members showed us a traditional dance. First an offering was made on the ground …

Terdul Village offering by the Muria people, India


…and then the dancing began…

Terdul Village Muria men on stilts, Chattisgarh, India
Muria women joined in the dance, Terdul Village, India

Off to the “yellow/shocking pink” village, even more colorful and respondent than the “cow/bell/stilt village”….View image

yellow turbans, feathers and colorful adornment in the Chattisgarh area of India

Back to Kanker Palace, two and one-half hours away by car. (No one travels in Bastar at night.) where Jai and Jolly had one last tribal dance scheduled for that evening. Major sensory overload!

Kanker Palace evening entertainment, Chattisgarh, India

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