Teeny, Tiny Moalboal on Cebu Island in The Philippines

Another short excursion from Kasai Village Beach Resort is Moalboal. We made arrangements with the resort to hire a tuk-tuk for a 200 Pesos round trip thinking that “Surely, there must be something to do in Moalboal.” The tuk-tuk arrived and off we went, jolting over a road that was perfectly comfortable in a car, not in a tuk-tuk. Arrangements made to be picked up two hours from now in front of Julie’s Bakeshop that has lots of yummy looking goods on the shelves. We will definitely return for some cakes before heading back to Kasai Village.

There appeared to be more tricycles, pedicabs, tuk-tuks, buses, motor cycles and scooters than people. Buses of different grades stopped in front of Julie’s bakeshop heading towards Cebu City. Air conditioned ranging down to very dilapidated with windows open. Occasionally, a tourist making a very good imitation of a red lobster would also wander by. (All scuba divers or snorkelers I would assume.) The only website I could find about activities around Moalboal was Planet Action who will be more than happy to arrange accommodations and adrenaline pumping activities.

bread at Julie's Bakeshop, Moalboal, Cebu Island

Steve stocking up with cakes at Julie's Bakeshop


Julie’s Bakeshop seemed like the center of all happenings. The local bus stop in front, trikes and pedicabs massed next to it and and one block square market behind selling fruit, vegetables, rows of fish, different varieties of rice (one labeled “Texas”), and other goods.

local trike/pedicab stop in Moalboal, Cebu Island

peddling down the streets of Moalboal, Cebu Island

rows of fish for sale in Moalboal, Cebu Island


Moalboal is a peninsula and almost entirely surrounded by shimmering, turquoise water. From Julie’s Bakeshop, walk towards the China Sea, and into the spacious, open air meat market. Men were hacking chickens into pieces with machetes. Others stuffed and twisted sausage meat into links faster than a machine could. Others tables had beef, pork and who knows what else.

unloading ice blocks in Moalboal, Cebu Island


Opposite the meat market is Moalboal’s only church on one corner and a little one-room post office on the other corner with the nicest postmaster inside.

Moalboal church, Cebu Island


And that…was Moalboal. There was nothing else to do for one hour until our tuk-tuk arrived but sit on benches, people-watch, eat some of Julie’s bakery goods and discuss an interesting article read in Philippine Airlines Mubuhay Magazine telling what Filipinos consider Aphrodisiacs. The odd numbers were the most interesting!

Number One? Balut! Remember that crunchy, duck embryo that we saw on the road in Palawan? Filipinos love it, I still say double yuck.

Number Three? Bulls’ Balls. Seriously. An oily stew made of chopped cow’s testicles.

Number Five? Cobra Meat. Filipinos serve the snake meat Adobo style. Snake meat is supposed to be tasty and is the only one of these that I would possibly try. Possibly, I said.

Number Seven? Dog Meat. It supposedly keeps you warm in the cold months. Should cut down on dog howls keeping you awake in your neighborhood.

Talk about an appetite suppresant…

the clear, turquoise water of Moalboal, Cebu Island



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