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Fantastic Yunomine Onsen Ryokan, Japan

  It is a short bus ride from Hongu Taisha Shrine to Yunomine Onsen for one night. Yunomine Onsen is one of the oldest natural hot spring onsen villages in Japan and said to have been discovered about 1,800 years

Kumano Kodo Day 3: Hosshinmon-oji to UNESCO Hongu Taisha, Japan

  This trail portion leading to UNESCO Hongu Taisha is considered to be one of the prettiest and most popular stretches. Kumano Hongu Taisha is one of Japan’s great shrines and all pilgrimage routes lead to this sacred site. Located in

Kumano Kodo Day 3: Sightseeing from Chikatsuyu-Hosshinmon-oji, Japan

  Considered one of the prettiest portions along the Kumano Kodo trail, today’s total walking distance is 24 kilometers/14.9 miles. An elevation gain of 820 meters/2,700 feet ascent and 1,140 meters/3,740 feet of descent. It also takes 8-9 hours of walking and

Friendly Ryokan Tsukinoya in Chikatsuyu, Japan

  Ryokan Tsukinoya is a simple traditional inn over 150 years old and built at the end of the Edo period. TIP: There is no sign. It is the first house on your right after crossing the bridge entering Chikatsuyu

Kumano Kodo Day 2: Takahara-Chikatsuyu, Japan

  Trail notes for today – Climb through Takahara and continue on an undulating trail past several oji shrines. Ten kilometers/6.2 miles has an elevation gain of 480 meters/1,575 feet and a 520 meters/1,700 foot difficult descent. Expect a walking

Hotel Kiri-no-sato in Takahara, Japan

  Hotel Kiri-no-sato in Takahara is the only game in this small town. Run by local Jian Shino who speaks English, Spanish and Chinese (as well as his native Japanese), this welcoming ryokan/hotel has both western and Japanese style rooms.