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Planning a Trip to Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Air and Transportation? Geneva and Zurich are the relatively closest airports to the Jungfrau area; we chose Zurich and since we stick to United Airlines like glue for 1K perks, I purchased Economy round trip tickets from Chicago-Washington, DC-Zurich. Many airlines fly to Geneva and Zurich and fares change daily! Try, Find Discounted Airline Flights at CheapOair, and you’d […]

The Breathtaking Jungfrau Region of Switzerland

It’s winter time in Chicago and unlike Sun Birds who fly away someplace sunny and warm until Spring, Marine (husband Steve) and I routinely look for a ski area in Europe to go snowshoeing. Not as easy task (no, you don’t have to play the world’s smallest violin). After all, we’ve snowshoed the main ski […]

Family Friendly Morzine, France in the Good Old Summertime

Morzine, France is committed to the “Famille Plus” program and members abide by the following points: A personalized welcome for families. Entertainment suitable for all age groups. A price range that varies from the youngest to the oldest. Activities for children of all ages, separately or together. Medical services close by if there are any […]

Traditional and Ancient Minshuku Daikichi Inn, Tsumago, Japan

The group walked down the main street in Tsumago, crowded with Japanese tourists and cute little stores, to wait by the Information Office while Yumiko took the California family to their inn. Minshuku Daikichi didn’t have enough room for the entire group and they ended up with a group from OxalisAdventures; a United Kingdom tour operator who […]

Walking Along The Nakasendo Trail from Magome to Tsumago, Japan

We left at 9:15a (to be exact) on a grey, drizzly day, through beautifully restored Magome along a broad stone walkway, past the water mill, and onto a dirt trail. Trails were almost too well marked with maps, kilometer markings and designated toilets along the entire distance! It became discouraging seeing kilometer signs appearing so frequently. The total […]

The Ancient Post Town of Magome, Japan

We arrived at Tajimaya Inn in Magome with just enough time for a fast bath in the small ofuro (hot tub big enough for two persons) before dinner at 6:00p. Dinner was usually served early in all small towns and breakfast, around 7:30a. The entire group was exhausted! Not only from on-and-off four trains, subway and bus but how […]

Trains and Buses to The Little Post Town of Magome, Japan

Exiting Okunoin Cemetery from a different direction, the group boarded a bus back to Shinjosin-in Temple for backpacks, and then took another bus to the cable car, rode down and caught a very… slow… two-hour train, to Namba. This was just the beginning of another long travel day during which we would ride four trains, a […]

Hiking The Woman’s Trail and Other Hikes on Mount Koya, Japan

We left backpacks at Shojoshin-in Temple and took another bus to the other end of the village at Daimon Gate for a short hike. Daimon Gate is the main gate to Koyasan. Constructed in 1705, it is a two-story wooden structure with protector deities on both sides. The Woman’s Trail, also called the Women Pilgrims […]

The Yamanobe-no-ichi Trail Ended at Ohmiwa Jinja Shrine

Past more farms, little villages, shrines, magnificent camellias and cherry blossoms everywhere we looked, and one last forest, the 10-mile trail ended at Ohmiwa Jinja shrine a little after 4:00p. Ohmiwa Jinja is the oldest shrine in Japan, where Ohmononushi-no-ohkami is worshipped; this deity’s soul inhabits Mount Miwa, the sacred mountain. (By the way, the trail continued […]

How to Get to The Yamanobe-no-ichi Trail in Tenri, Japan

The Yamanobe-no-michi Trail once connected the ancient capital of Heijo-kyo with Miwa and Kanaya and is thought to be the oldest road in Japan. It is lined with beautiful temples, shrines and old tombs, and many places are named in ancient Japanese chronicles and poetry. This trail began at Isonokami Shrine and extended for 10 […]