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What To Do Around Sapa, Northwest Vietnam

Sapa is home to more than 30 colorful hill tribes and close to Vietnam’s highest peak, Mount Fansipan (3,143m/10,311′. This town was founded as a hilltop retreat for the French when the heat of the plains became unbearable. An idyllic spot with warm days, cool evenings and an abundance of rain in the rainy season […]

A Lu People Market Along The Way to Sapa, Northwest Vietnam

Past the hundreds of trucks and on the extremely muddy road to Sapa, we stopped at the interesting local Market…View image… filled with Lu people. The Lu live in a number of communes throughout the Phong Tho and Sin Ho districts of Lai Chau province and are part of the Tay-Thai language group. A very […]

A Major Landslide Outside Lai Chau, Northwest Vietnam

At least it was sunny this morning and all were eager to get to Sapa…View image. If it had changed a quarter of the amount Luang Prabang, Laos had in a short seven years, Sapa should be a lively, happening little town. ( I wasn’t going to miss the “infamous moving bathtub” in Lai Chau […]

Lai Chau Was Once Known As Tam Duong, Northwest Vietnam

It was a long, tortuous 10-hour drive through (albeit) scenic, winding roads (the kind that make me nauseous) to Lai Chau formerly known as Tam Duong. Tourists journey to Lai Chau because of the plethora of Hill tribe villages and markets. The dossier touted Lai Chau as “….an area that sees few visitors…we have the […]

Visiting The Pink Flower Hmong in Northwest Vietnam

This area consists of sloping mountains, hills, valleys, and plateaus that makes driving very difficult. The Vietnamese Government is building new roads and repairing old as quickly as possible but abundant amounts of rain had fallen resulting in landslides throughout Northwest Vietnam. A day didn’t go by without road hold-ups. On the plus side, the […]

Dien Bien Phu’s French History, Northwest Vietnam

Forever grateful for the ubiquitous Pho is the morning. A person can’t go wrong with a hearty bowl of noodle soup at one of these consistently very early breakfast times with long rides between destinations every day. The first time I saw someone slip my eggs into a sizzling wok with at least one inch […]

The Thuan Chau Market and Dien Bien Phu, Northwest Vietnam

The small Thuan Chau Market…View image… about 35km/21 miles northwest of Son La is held daily. An authentic, not for tourists market where the locals come to buy and sell and we were ready. Time for some minority interaction, the focus of this N.W. Vietnam trip before continuing on to Dien Bien Phu a very […]

The Son La Prison Built by The French in Northwest Vietnam

It was a very interesting ride from Mai Chau to Son La across the Moc Chau Plateau. On La Province is the 5th largest in Vietnam populated by the Ma, H’mong, Dao, Muong, Kinh, Khmer, Tay, Thai, and many other ethnic groups. There were villages on the hillside along with undulating terrain. Black Thai people, […]

A Mish-Mosh of Vietnamese Information

Here’s a brief phonetic Viet vocabulary (per our guide) with words that we found important: – nu = woman, nam = man. Need to know when you are faced with toilets labeled nu and nam. – sin chow = Hello, good morning. – tom bee-et = goodbye – com une = thank you – com […]

A Flower Hmong Day Trek On The Way to Son La, Northwest Vietnam

Up early in the morning after a fairly restful sleep. The mattresses were paper thin, a few careful steps with flashlight/torch up and down the steep, wooden steps to the bathroom, and time spent extricating myself from the mosquito nets. Despite all the this, the Mai Chau Eco-Longhouse Homestay turned out to be a highlight […]