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Information about the Challenging Stok Kangri Trek in Ladakh

With the Hunder Trek eliminated as being too difficult for us, Lobsang changed the itinerary for the next 10 days to include: going over mountain pass to Pangong Lake, visiting remote areas along the Shyok River and continue into the

Day Five Chilling Trek: From Rumbak to Leh, Ladakh

The authentic Chilling Trek can begin in either direction: Chilling to Spitok or Spitok to Chilling. Jingchan/Zinchen was the last village in the direction Steve and I were heading, and according to guide Riga, guesthouses there are filled with bed

Day Four Chilling Trek: From Yurutse to Rumbak in Ladakh

Omelets on Tibetan bread for breakfast along with the Aussies, and Danes who would tackle the pass today while we headed in the opposite direction towards Rumbak. Scientists from the National Geographic Society and other researchers once wore a path

Day Three Continued: Yurutse Home Stay had Bedbugs

It isn’t as if there’s a choice of accommodation in Yurutse since only one family lives there with three rooms available; each room holds four people and we chose a room on the second floor because that’s where a two-slit toilet

Day Three Chilling Trek: Up and Over the Ganda la/Kanda la Pass in Ladakh

Today would be, without question, the hardest day of the trek; up and over the Gandala/Kandala Pass. Plodding feet would need to ascend from 4,100 meters/13,451 feet to 4,900 meters/16,096 feet! An 800 meter/2,645 foot altitude gain may not seem

Day Two Chilling Trek: From Kaya to Shingo Village in Ladakh

I really enjoy hiking and trekking but hate dealing with home stay toilet situations; literally the “pits.” Camping is the lesser of two evils in my opinion. Unzip tent, slide on flip-flops and find someplace in the wide-open air to