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The Sham Trek Ends in Temisgam Village, Ladakh

Not only does the Sham Trek end in Temisgam Village, but there is a motorable road along the old caravan route between Likkir and Temisgam. Any Ladakh tour operator can easily book an “easy” two-day hike visiting Likir and Temisgam

The Sham Trek Begins in Likir Village, Ladakh

After seeing more than enough of Likir Monastery, Erik began the almost futile search for a guesthouse or home stay with a bathroom. It didn’t have to be a “bathroom” by U.S. standards, or even attached. Just a hole or

Mt. Riyue Sun and Moon Mountain in The Kham Region, China

The Kham trip began in earnest as we left Xining and headed to Mt. Riyue Sun and Moon Mountain, past the brilliantly yellow fields of rapeseed (think Canola oil)…View image… growing on terraces. Many traffic hold-ups because the Qinghai Lakes

Top Seven Questions People Ask Travels With Sheila

You wouldn’t believe some of the questions I’m asked by family, friends and fellow travelers. Then again, …perhaps you would. They range from the ludicrous to serious especially, Number 1. 1. What do you eat? ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and I

Gutsy,”Older” Women Who Adventure Travel

I’m tired of hearing whining from women and comments from others (including from my own adult children). You’re/I’m too old to travel. You’re/I’m too old for adventure. You’re/I’m too old for what? Are we talking mentally? Physically? Nonsense. On almost

Problems and A Farewell Lunch in Trabzon, Turkey

The Mt. Kackar trek officially ended in Ayder and we lazed around the small town, buying fruit, and talking to the locals through Jack’s translation while waiting for the mini-bus to begin the journey to Trabzon. Ayder is served by