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Learn About Mumbai’s Famous Dabbawala

There are several iconic Mumbai sights that I think are unique. The famous Dabbawala and Dhobi Ghat are two. Both sights are usually included in a Mumbai sightseeing tour offered by many tour operators. Tour operators will also be happy

Silver Brook Estate Homestay Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is a popular getaway for Indians who drive from Mysore and Bangalore for a little R&R and stay at a deluxe homestay like Silver Brook. We booked two nights at Silver Brook Estate, nestled among the vast coffee plantations

Bits, Bytes and Tellicherry Old Fort in Kerala

With just a few sights left, we headed to Tellicherry Old Fort. The Tellicherry Old Fort (that’s what the original sign outside said) was not interesting; only because terrible guide from Ayisha Manzil with us didn’t know anything. Not only

“Beedi” – The Poor Man’s Cigarette in India

A stop in Tellicherry environs to see how local women roll Beedi, the poor man’s cigarette in India. Small cigarettes are made of tobacco and then wrapped in tendu or temburni leaf (native plants in Asia). Not paper. Beedi or Bidi

Sightseeing Around Tellicherry, India

When sightseeing in Tellicherry or Thalassery, know there are only a few “important” tourist sights: The Fish and Vegetable Market; Spice Market; Beedi Rolling; and Thalassery Fort All interesting but if a traveler happens to miss one, or all, the world will not

Unique and Colorful Theyyam Ritual in Kerala, India

I consider the Theyyam Ritual one of the most interesting sights I’ve ever seen. Probably because it is a living, breathing Hindu religion practice that is incredibly colorful. This religious practice called theyyam is a dance/drama performed once a year