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Midnatsol Log Day 7: Disembarkation in Kirkenes, Norway

The overnight “rocky sea disturbance” turned out to be a Beaufort 12 Hurricane. The MS Midnatsol P.A. system announced that passengers can officially tell people, “We experienced an Arctic Hurricane!” For experienced Drake Passage survivors (us) who crossed in a

Ahoy There, Matey…King Red Crabs Coming Aboard

Yummy, yummy crabs. And not just ordinary crabs, monster King Red Crabs also referred to as Kamchatka Crabs by Norwegian fishermen. Bundled up and out on Deck 9 at 5:10p to greet fishermen with crabs who told about crab fishing

Midnatsol Log Day 6: Hammerfest-Havoysund-Honningsvag…

And…Kjollefjord-Mehamn-Berlevag! The MS Midnatsol would dock at Hammerfest, the most northern town in the world at 5:15a, and I didn’t want to miss it. Still wired from the Northern Lights and dog sledding, I was wide awake at 4:00a, dressed¬†and

Exciting Dog Sledding Outside Tromso, Norway

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Dressed in umpteen layers of clothes, ex-Marine and I stood sweating buckets as we waited to disembark the Midnatsol, ready for dog sledding in Tromso. With four hours in port, it appeared as if all passengers had

Midnatsol Log Day 4: Ornes-Bodo-Stamsund-Svolvaer

The Hurtigruten Cruise Line is usually referred to as the Hurtigruten Coastal Steamers so don’t get confused! They are one and the same. The MS Midnatsol offers shore excursions in Ornes and Bodo only from May 1 to September 30.¬†Winter

Midnatsol Log Day 3: Ancient Trondheim was Norway’s First Capital

The Midnatsol arrived in ancient Trondheim (Norway’s first capital) at 6:00a. Did you know that the first Viking sale of goods from “the new found land” took place here about 1000 A.D.? Or that timber from Liev Eriksson’s Vinland estate