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Small Town of Nagaur, India

The small town of Nagaur, founded in the Fourth Century BC, is only a 15 minute ride from where the Nagaur Cattle Fair is held. The highlight in Nagaur is its Twelfth Century Fort of historical importance. The fort was one of the first Muslim strongholds in northern India and has been repeatedly altered over the […]

Markets, Camels, and Bullocks at Nagaur Cattle Fair

After going into more rhapsodies over my camels getting a gorgeous hair cut, guide Abi walked us over to the main fair section filled with stalls selling whatever a camel, or horse might need to make it gor-jus and/or other needs… (all in the video); hardware, camel saddles, harnesses, bridles, wedding ornaments, camel bells, ribbons, […]

Camel and Horse Dancing at The Nagaur Cattle Fair

The Rajasthan Tourist Bureau schedules different activities to attract westerners to the Nagaur Cattle Fair; mustache competition, turban tying, puppet shows and Camel and Horse Dancing Competition scheduled for today over at the fair ground. Beautifully decorated horses and camels were entered in the contest, lined up and proudly displayed by their owners competing for […]

The Yearly Nagaur Cattle Fair in Rajasthan, India

The Nagaur Cattle Fair began eons ago (possibly the Twelfth Century) in Rajasthan when just a few herdsmen made a pilgrimage to worship at holy temples in Pushkar and Nagaur. Since people came from long distances, they would stay for a week or longer and perhaps think about trading in their bull for a younger […]

Luxurious Aagman Tented Camp in Nagaur, India

After the Jet Airlines debacle with cancelled flights, we finally landed in Jaipur in the early evening and promptly began a 5+ hour drive to Nagaur. If you think driving India’s highways in the day is scary, let me tell you, driving at night is not for the faint-hearted. It was after midnight before we […]

A Stressful Travel Day from Indore to Nagaur in Rajasthan

It is a two-hour ride from Maheshwar to Indore Airport where we “thought” a non-stop flight on Jet Airlines would leave at 1:00p, arriving in Jaipur at 2:40p. We were slightly surprised not to see the flight on the departure board but our jaws dropped open at the check-in counter in when Jet Airlines blithely announced, “Oh, […]

Sights in The Temple City of Maheshwar, India

The one mile long Narmada riverfront is dotted with shrines, ghat and elegant cenotaphs of the Holkar rulers. Maharani Ahilya Bai/Ahilyabai was greatest queen of the Holkar Dynasty and built many of the temples and buildings during the mid-Eighteenth Century. Our visit to Maheshwar was unfortunately marred by: – A terrible guide who had accompanied […]

Maheshwari Sarees in Maheshwar, India

Maheshwar is known for its distinctive handwoven sari called Maheshwari and is a center of hand loom weaving since the Fifth Century. Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar brought in weavers from Gujarat during her rule and established them in Maheshwar to weave special saris for ladies of the royal household and turban fabric. Introduced 250 years […]

The Royal Enclosure in Maheshwar, India

The greatest queen of the Holkar dynasty was Maharani Ahilya Bai who built temples and buildings during the mid-Eighteenth Century. A fan shaped stairway leads from the river front to Maheshwar Fort’s royal enclosure. Her husband Khanderao was killed during the siege of Kumbher in 1754. Twelve years later, her father-in-law, Malharrao died and one […]

The Important Pilgrimage Site of Maheshwar, India

It is a two-hour drive from Mandu to Maheshwar, an important pilgrimage center also known as the Temple City. Maheshwar is situated along the sacred Narmada River where pilgrims and holy men spent hours meditating. The Narmada is considered by Hindus to be one of the five holy rivers of India; the other four are […]