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Luxurious Castle Bijaipur, India

It is a three-hour drive from Bundi to Bijaipur passing occasional fields filled with white opium poppies grown by the Government. We checked into Castle Bijaipur, a Sixteenth Century Castle enclosed by fortified walls. The Castle was converted to a hotel in 1991 by the ruling family who still live here and run the hotel […]

Walking Through The Fun Pushkar Market, India

I never expected Pushkar to be as colorful and filled with markets as it was and could have spent the day wandering through the small streets and stalls. The town really deserved more than the few hours we had time to spend there. The best part of the market is the street beginning at Pushkar Lake […]

Pushkar, A Holy Pilgrimage Site for Hindus

It is only 136 kilometers/84 miles from Nagaur to Holy Pushkar but still takes three-hours. Legend claims its lakes were created from the petals that fell from the hands of Brahma the Creator and today Pushkar is a holy pilgrimage town for Hindus with 400 temples scattered around its lakeside, and 52 different ghats to bathe. […]

The Pushkar Bagh Resort, Pushkar

The Pushkar Bagh Resort and hotel next door was filled with wedding parties in anticipation of a large wedding being held the next day and we were the only non-wedding guests. Built in faux palace style, guests are housed in 25 luxurious cottages and 15 tents. The resort is located about 15 minutes outside of Pushkar […]

Small Town of Nagaur, India

The small town of Nagaur, founded in the Fourth Century BC, is only a 15 minute ride from where the Nagaur Cattle Fair is held. The highlight in Nagaur is its Twelfth Century Fort of historical importance. The fort was one of the first Muslim strongholds in northern India and has been repeatedly altered over the […]

Markets, Camels, and Bullocks at Nagaur Cattle Fair

After going into more rhapsodies over my camels getting a gorgeous hair cut, guide Abi walked us over to the main fair section filled with stalls selling whatever a camel, or horse might need to make it gor-jus and/or other needs… (all in the video); hardware, camel saddles, harnesses, bridles, wedding ornaments, camel bells, ribbons, […]