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The Fourteenth Century Diskit Monastery in Hunder, Nubra Valley

Driving from Sumur to Hunder, we stopped to visit the Fourteenth Century Diskit Monastery, passing an impressive 32 meter/106 foot statue in the distance. This new Maitreya Buddha sits on top of a hill below the monastery and was built in 2006. Guide Nubu paid the admission fee and Panjara drove uphill to the parking […]

What to See in The Nubra Valley? Panamik Hot Springs and Yarab-tso Holy Lake

Panamik Hot Springs is located only a few kilometers from Siachan Glacier at an altitude of 3,183 meters/10,442 feet. Tourists are not allowed to go beyond Panamik in one direction because of the restricted military base camp at Siachan Glacier. This hot water spring has two areas for tourists to soak body parts in sulphur water; Panamik […]

What to See in The Isolated Nubra Valley of Ladakh?

There are four standard attractions in the Nubra Valley for tourists: double-hump Bactrian camels; Diskit Buddhist Monastery; Panamik Hot Springs and Yarabtso Holy Lake. Driving out of Sumur in the Nubra Valley and on our way to Panamik Hot Springs, I saw locals crossing the road carrying books on their backs. These were not just […]

Review of Namgyal Guesthouse in Sumur, Ladakh

Even though we explored the Nubra Valley on our first trip to Ladakh in 2005, there’s always something new to see and do. The Nubra Valley is lower and warmer then Leh with an average altitude of 3,048 meters/10,000 feet (Sumur altitude, 3,160 meters/10,368 feet). Although Ladakh is a high-altitude desert, a lower altitude coupled with […]

Over The Always Terrifying Khardongla Pass Into the Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Guide Nubu, driver Pujara and cook Dendi returned to Tsermang Eco-Camp after breakfast. The four of them would accompany us for the next 10 days into the Nubra Valley. There is only one way into the Nubra Valley; the “road” up and over the terrifying Khardongla Pass. Khardongla/Khardong la Pass is just one of Ladakh’s many […]

Review of Luxurious Tsermang Eco-Camp, Ladakh

Tsermang Eco Camp is located 10 minutes, 7 kilometers/4.2 miles from Leh city and 4 kilometers/2+ miles from the airport. Our driver pulled up to Palam Bridge which was almost completed covered in prayer flags, hoisted the duffel and began walking. Bewildered, we followed across, and down a shady path which led to the entrance of […]

Information about the Challenging Stok Kangri Trek in Ladakh

With the Hunder Trek eliminated as being too difficult for us, Lobsang changed the itinerary for the next 10 days to include: going over mountain pass to Pangong Lake, visiting remote areas along the Shyok River and continue into the Nubra Valley, all permit-only areas. Since whatever Lobsang arranges is fine with us, we once […]

Day Five Chilling Trek: From Rumbak to Leh, Ladakh

The authentic Chilling Trek can begin in either direction: Chilling to Spitok or Spitok to Chilling. Jingchan/Zinchen was the last village in the direction Steve and I were heading, and according to guide Riga, guesthouses there are filled with bed bugs! It was bad enough that Steve got bitten by bed bugs in Yurutse and […]

Day Four Chilling Trek: From Yurutse to Rumbak in Ladakh

Omelets on Tibetan bread for breakfast along with the Aussies, and Danes who would tackle the pass today while we headed in the opposite direction towards Rumbak. Scientists from the National Geographic Society and other researchers once wore a path to Rumbak (part of Hemis National Park) each winter, tracking the elusive Snow Leopards. At […]

Day Three Continued: Yurutse Home Stay had Bedbugs

It isn’t as if there’s a choice of accommodation in Yurutse since only one family lives there with three rooms available; each room holds four people and we chose a room on the second floor because that’s where a two-slit toilet was located. To repeat, home stay guests must share rooms when it is crowded! Luckily, there was […]