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What is A Typical Camping Day in Ladakh?

Perhaps you’ve never camped before. Don’t laugh. My first camping experience didn’t take place until I was in my 40’s and talk about green. What did I know about outdoor pooping etiquette or anything else for that matter! Daily Camp

The Dha Hanu Area in The Aryan Valley of Ladakh

Dha and Hanu are two separate villages (usually¬†referred to as simply “Dha Hanu”)¬†located in the Aryan Valley populated by the Dropa/Drok-pa people. At a lower altitude, and warmer than Leh, the entire valley was filled with ripe apricot trees. Apricots

Acclimatizing In Super High Leh, Ladakh

Gasp, gasp, gasp… Traveling is so easy when flying Business Class on Lufthansa from Chicago to Frankfurt. Recline seats, watch movies, eat, and drink; disembark in Frankfurt and head for a Lufthansa Lounge to spend the next five hours, eat

Tiny Korzok On The Shores of Tso Moriri, Ladakh

If you like deserted areas and want to really get off the “beaten path,” Ladakh is for you. We could count on one hand the number of people seen during this three-plus hour ride. The year-round village of Korzok is