Travel Tips & Advice on “Eastern Turkey”

The Roman-Built Cendere Bridge

From Karakus Tumulus to the impressive Cendere Bridge, built by the Romans in the 2nd century A.D. in honor of Emperor Septimius Severus, his wife, Julia Domna, sons Caracalla and Geta. (All this information is on a stele.) Caracalla killed his brother somewhere along the way, his statue was removed and his name erased from […]

Karakus Tumulus Belonged to The Commagene Empire

Travel is Travels With Sheila’s education. For example – What is a tumulus? An artificial mound over a grave, barrow. Out of the bus parking lot where the first sight was an eagle on top of a column at the Karakus Tumulus….View image…, rather underwhelming if truth can be told. This memorial burial mound was […]

Pistachio Nut Orchards in Southeastern Turkey

A very full day planned that would end in the Nemrut area. But first, we’d drive until lunch, visit the Karakus Tumulus, Cendere bridge, finally continuing to Karadut where our hotel will be for two nights. First driving sight of the day was through a small town where even here, women were wearing purple headscarfs…View […]

Ataturk Dam Has Transformed Life and Landscape in Southeastern, Turkey

The group stopped to look at the new Ataturk Dam, that has transformed the people’s lives in the Anatolian area……View image. Twenty years ago, this area of Turkey was nothing but Mesopotamian desert and one of the poorest, least developed regions in Turkey. Thanks to irrigation, rapid changes are taking place. The small mud-brick villages […]

The Harran Palace Was Originally “The Temple of Sin”

Harran/Haran is mention in Genesis many times. Terah, Abraham, wife Sarah and Lot stayed here when they fled from Ur. Terah died in Haran. Haran was the home of Laban, Isaac’s wife Rebecca; this is where Rebecca drew water for Jacob. For me the bible truly came alive in: – Jordan – Standing on Mt. […]

Visiting The Beehive Houses of Harran

From the ruins of Ulu Cami (Great Mosque), Ahmet escorted us down to visit the famous Syrian-influenced Beehive house complex belonging to his family. There are two different places in Harran that visitors are welcome to visit, both set up for tourism. White beehive style dwellings are also found in Puglia, Italy called trulli houses. […]

The Ruined Ulu Cami (Mosque) of Old Harran

On today’s agenda was time to explore the Beehive houses of Harran followed by a free afternoon back in Urfa. The Day began with the best buffet breakfast in all of Eastern Turkey. At least five kinds of olives, yoghurt, hot food, and more. (The little things are so important on the long road traveled…) […]

The Gumruk Han (Old Custom’s Depot) Inside Urfa Bazaar

The Urfa Bazaar consists of inns and bazzars dating back to the Ottoman period. Concentrated around Gunruk Inn/Han built over 700 years ago for cavalry soldiers who lodged at the inn, this was the most fascinating section in the bazaar. The Han courtyard was filled with tables of men playing a game called “okey,” backgammon, […]

Inside The Urfa (Sanliurfa) Bazaar

Cross the busy street from the Dergah Complex of mosques to Urfa’s ancient Bazaar. The major part of the bazaar was built by Suleyman the Magnificent in the 16th century and is filled with of inns and bazaars; concentrated around the Gumruk Han/Inn that retain their historical character. Guide, Oz asked us to stay together […]

Urfa: The City of Purple Scarfs and Abraham

Forget that Urfa dates back at least 3500 years to Hittite times. Sat on the crossroads of routes through Europe, Asia and Africa. Egyptians, Alexander the Great, Greeks, Romans and Seljuk Turks marched through and left their mark. Forget that modern day Urfa has a population of around 1,523,000 people; and Forget that Urfa is […]