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A High Class Tibetan Wedding in Yushu, China: The Bride and Groom Arrive

There were some finely dressed Khampa Tibetans inside the San Jiang Yuang Hotel this morning setting up the large banquet room for a Tibetan wedding. They were busily spreading food, cigarettes, candy and liquor on all the round tables…View image. When Dondup and Mr. Wang arrived to straighten out our room problems, I asked them […]

Tibet’s Largest Pile of Mani Stones in Yushu, China

Around 5km/3 miles west of Yushu is Tibet’s largest collection of Mani stones in Xinzhai village. A Mani stone is inscribed with “Om mani padme hum” (a mantra used as a prayer in Tibetan Buddhism) and placed along roadsides, in mounds and long walls, as an offering to the spirits. This particular landmark is called […]

Hotel Problems When You Don’t Speak Chinese! Yushu, China

Some sort of huge party took place last night at the San Jiang Yuan Hotel with loud music thumping away until 2:00 a.m. Finally asleep, ex-Marine shook me awake to ask, “Why did you turn all the room lights on?” I didn’t turn anything on but turned them off and rolled back over. Fifteen minutes […]

The High Pass to Yushu Crossed from Amdo into Kham Territory, China

We were still on the move and Mr. Wang pulled over occasionally for pee breaks, and to buy wild mushrooms from Nomads along the road who were selling…View image, and sorting until it was time for lunch in a small town. Inside restaurant number one, Mr. Wang pitched a fit and walked us out in […]

Tibetan Nomads on The Eastern Tibetan Plateau, China

We are definitely going to Yushu today. Our Annapurna, Nepal trek to base camp altitude was only 4,120m/13,471′, took eight days of hiking to reach and Maduo is higher then that. Neither one of us could breathe last night but ex-Marine has a sensitivity to altitude and is worse than I am. At least Yushu […]

Unusual Road Sights Along The Eastern Tibetan Plateau, China

Did you know that different manufacturers in China make little three-wheeled electric automobiles? Neither did we until this trip driving through remote areas where we first noticed bright red, three-wheeled autos being used as taxis in small towns. BESTAR manufactures “Smartcar”, HEV International “FL3”, and Shandong Huoyun Electric – the “Wildfire.” They all get approximately […]

A Solar Eclipse on The Way From Gonghe to Maduo, China

Today’s ride from Gonghe to Maduo would cover 370 kms/230 miles and take 6-7 hours with not much to do but sit back and enjoy the natural scenery of the plateau. Maduo County is set at an altitude of 4,300m/14,107′ above sea level Now any idiot looking over the itinerary pre-trip would have thought, “Wait […]

The E Ba Tantric/Tantra Sect Temple in Guba Village, China

Leaving the Chinese tourists posing with their white yaks and camels, we forged ahead uphill to another temple…View image… at Mt. Riyue lined in tiles depicting Princess Wencheng’s journey…View image…and a “border stone” (just a big rock delineating the border between Qinghai and Sichuan Provinces)… View image…before getting back into the car, and continuing towards […]

Mt. Riyue Sun and Moon Mountain in The Kham Region, China

The Kham trip began in earnest as we left Xining and headed to Mt. Riyue Sun and Moon Mountain, past the brilliantly yellow fields of rapeseed (think Canola oil)…View image… growing on terraces. Many traffic hold-ups because the Qinghai Lakes Bicycle Race was using part of the route today on Stage 5. There were crowds […]

Xining and Qinghai Lakes Pro Bicycle Race, China

It was time for the Khampa Tibetan Eastern Plateau portion to begin in Xining. Off the Air China plane, Mr. Wang and new guide, Dondup, were waving and waiting for us in the arrival hall at Xining airport. Even if Mr. Wang hadn’t recognized us, it wouldn’t have been difficult to pick out the only […]