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The Yushu, China Earthquake in July, 2009

How terribly ironic and sad that the entire series of ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and my trip to the Yushu area of China in July, 2009 is now running daily on Travels With Sheila. We are in the Huangshan area of

Buddhist Ceremonies at A New Nunnery, Yushu, China

From the Temple of Princess Wencheng, it was just a few more kilometers to where a “White Hat Sect Nunnery Temple” was opening with all day ceremonies and prayers. Pilgrims would come and go throughout the day praying and prostrating

The Temple of Princess Wencheng, Yushu, China

Noodle soup and tea eggs for breakfast. If you’ve never tried tea eggs, they have so much flavor it’s unnecessary to add salt or pepper. Since the hoped for Yushu Horse Festival had been cancelled, there were two more days

A Khampa Tibetan Wedding Ceremony in Yushu, China

Inside the hotel banquet room, at least 500 guests…View image… were sitting around tables eating and being entertained by dancers on the stage…View image while waiting the bride and groom. The bridal party formed a procession in the lobby, entered

A High Class Tibetan Wedding in Yushu, China: The Bride and Groom Arrive

There were some finely dressed Khampa Tibetans inside the San Jiang Yuang Hotel this morning setting up the large banquet room for a Tibetan wedding. They were busily spreading food, cigarettes, candy and liquor on all the round tables…View image.

Tibet’s Largest Pile of Mani Stones in Yushu, China

Around 5km/3 miles west of Yushu is Tibet’s largest collection of Mani stones in Xinzhai village. A Mani stone is inscribed with “Om mani padme hum” (a mantra used as a prayer in Tibetan Buddhism) and placed along roadsides, in