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Cruising to Antarctica: Idyllic Paradise Harbor in The Afternoon

The afternoon couldn’t have been any better. A beautiful, warm, “brochure” day. The Harbor was named “Paradise” because it provided whalers such a protected harbor. There is a Chilean Navy Base located on Waterboat Point and an Argentine (unstaffed) base. This bay is known for its beautiful snow-capped mountains and ice. This was our first […]

Cruising to Antarctica: Danco Island In The Morning

The constant 23 hours of light has played havoc on my diurnal pattern. Impossible to sleep and major insomnia. If you open your eyes at 1:00 am, it’s still pretty light in the room. There is only one hour a day that resembles dusk…and even that’s not dark. In the Errera Channel anchored off Danco […]

Cruising to Antarctica: South Shetland Islands, Land Ho…

The South Shetland Islands are separated by the 100-mile wide Bransfield Strait from the Antarctic Peninsula. With some luck, we’ll visit penguin rookeries, Antarctic fur seals and southern elephant seals depending on which of the 11 main islands we visit. The South Shetlands include active and recently active volcanoes. The most famous one being Deception […]

Cruising to Antarctica: Another Day At Sea On The M/V Lyubov Orlova

Right now, the Orlova is 350 miles south of Ushuaia, heading for the Shetland Islands, where the Captain plans on cutting through a passage into the Bransfield Strait. We hope to anchor on the other side in calm water and have our first landing tomorrow at one of the research bases, either Chile, Russia or […]

Cruising to Antarctica: Still At Sea, The Drake Passage is Rough but Bearable

It is much calmer but we are still religiously taking Meclizine. Storms are rated and today is a Beaufort 5 with waves only 3 meters/9 feet high. On the Beaufort Scale: 1 = Dead Calm 8 = Gale, winds from 63-75 kms/hour 9 = Gale-Storm, winds from 76-87 kms/hour 10 = Storm, winds from 88-102 […]

Crossing The Drake Passage towards Antarctica

For the next day and a half, the ship would sail through the Antarctic Convergence, a natural boundary formed by the meeting of cold Antarctic and warmer Sub-Antarctic waters otherwise known as the “Dreaded Drake Crossing.” The Drake Passage was named for Sir Francis Drake who proved that Tierra Del Fuego wasn’t linked to a […]

Cruising to Antarctica on The M/V Lyubov Orlova

Escorted to our very little twin cabin on the lowest deck right above sea level (by choice), we promptly took the first Meclizine (prescription-strength sea-sick medication), unpacked and rushed upstairs for introductions to Expedition Staff. The cabin was very adequate with enough space for clothes and a porthole. If not seasick, most time is spent […]

Almost All Antarctic Cruises Depart from Ushuaia, Argentina

The domestic airport in Buenos Aires is called Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP), or simply referred to as “Aeroparque” by the locals. The airport is small, convenient, and only 20 minutes from the city center by taxi. The flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia usually go out full. Confirm and reconfirm. A 3+ hour flight through […]

Planning “Classic Antarctica”

Deposit in, a huge packet of information arrived from Geographic Expeditions containing everything. Suggested reading, detailed information about the ship and what was included, and a 100-page brochure with sections on conservation, places to visit, explorers and scientists, the physical and and biological environments. Extremely comprehensive. There were expedition enrollment and medical information forms, an […]

Antarctica, Our Last Big Frontier

I’ve read about Antarctica, watched documentaries and movies about Antarctica and considered going to Antarctica for as long as I can remember. The two reasons ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and I haven’t visited? – The cost. There is no such thing as a cheap trip to Antarctica. Less expensive perhaps, but never cheap. The least inexpensive […]