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Cruising to Antarctica: In The Gerlache Strait, Culverville Island

Another try for a morning landing on Danco Island but there was still too much ice. Impossible for the zodiacs to get through the ice and land the passengers safely. Culverville Island was substituted instead. The M/S Andrea is moored

Cruising to Antarctica: Port Lockroy with Time to Shop!

The really big draw of Port Lockroy for most of us was a chance to shop. The British maintain a small museum, gift shop and Post Office on Goudier Island (our landing site)…View image… where stamps…View image… and souvenirs could

Cruising to Antarctica: Penguin Colonies on Petermann Island

Breakfast, and then put on all the layers of clothing, boots, into the zodiac for the Petermann Island landing in a cove originally called “Port Circumcision.” Adelies, Gentoos and Blue-eyed shags (I never got close enough to see the blue

Cruising to Antarctica: Through The Incredible Lemaire Channel

The Orlova is carrying 94 passengers from: Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Holland (about 13 persons), a large Taiwan group, a large Chinese group, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Ukraine, Scotland, Canada, India, Greece, Ireland and Hong Kong. Our guess is that

Cruising to Antarctica: Idyllic Paradise Harbor in The Afternoon

The afternoon couldn’t have been any better. A beautiful, warm, “brochure” day. The Harbor was named “Paradise” because it provided whalers such a protected harbor. There is a Chilean Navy Base located on Waterboat Point and an Argentine (unstaffed) base.

Cruising to Antarctica: Danco Island In The Morning

The constant 23 hours of light has played havoc on my diurnal pattern. Impossible to sleep and major insomnia. If you open your eyes at 1:00 am, it’s still pretty light in the room. There is only one hour a