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How to Plan a Trip to Winter Japan

The All Japan Tour would begin in Sapporo and end in Kyoto/Osaka. Our first step after booking a tour is always to research air; usually the most expensive part of travel. International Air? No airline flies non-stop to Sapporo from Chicago.

United Airlines Business Class 767-300 London to Chicago

The third and last flight on a very long day left London Heathrow Airport at 3:30p. At least this, the longest segment was in Business Class on a B767-300. Even though I believe any upgrade is better than no upgrade,

Magnificent United Airlines Club at Heathrow Airport – Terminal 2

It was a lengthy transfer from Lufthansa landing at London Heathrow Airport to United Airlines in Terminal 2. All transit passengers had to go through Customs, a Security for transferring passengers, up and down escalators and moving sidewalks on multiple

Lufthansa Economy Class A320-200 Stockholm-Frankfurt-London

A 4:30a Radisson Blu Sky City wake-up call, check out, down escalators holding boarding passes obtained last night. It wasn’t until the other side of Security that we discovered the Lufthansa International Lounge was before Security. With not enough time

SAS Economy Class B737-800 Kiruna-Stockholm

Nervous about when a shared taxi was coming to Camp Ripan for pick up, we changed arrangements to a private TaxiKiruna, 350 Krona/$40 USD to small Kiruna airport for peace of mind. Our taxi driver gave bits and bytes of information

The Stunning Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan in Kiruna, Sweden

Even guests are charged for entrance into the gorgeous Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan: 295 Krona/$35 USD per person includes towel, bathrobe, tea, water and fruit; and 595 Krona/$70 USD includes the “Sauna Bucket,” towel, bathrobe, tea, water and fruit.