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Baggage Delay and/or Missing Luggage. What to know before you go!

First Air baggage sitting in Resolute, Canada

  The baggage delay saga continues from when we discovered everything was sitting in Resolute Bay… We entered the Sheraton, took an escalator up to the main reception area, and saw extremely irate, livid and almost out-of-control passengers along with Quark staff

Iqaluit to Toronto on First Air Economy 737-200

Iqaliut Airport, Canada

  Fueled up and ready to go, the First Air chartered 737-200 took off from Iqaluit for the 3+ hour flight to Toronto. Iqaluit has a proper airport and runway long enough for modern jets which makes sense since it

First Air Economy 737-200 from Resolute to Iqaluit, Canada

Better a stuffed musk ox than no musk ox at all...

  One last night on the Sea Explorer with much to do in preparation for tomorrow’s disembarkation in Resolute. With no dock in Resolute, passengers and all baggage have to be zodiac’d in. Suitcases placed in the hall by 11:00p will be taken

Embarkation on Sea Explorer in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Sea Explorer cruise

  FYI: Air Greenland is the only company flying domestic between Kangerlussuaq and other Greenland destinations but also operates scheduled flights abroad using Airbus A330-200 aircraft. Off the charter flight, passengers were loaded into what could be called a “bus” for

Magnificent SAS Charter Copenhagen-Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

brilliant Greenland glaciers

  We sat around the huge, two level SAS Business Lounge until 10:20a and then walked over to gate B9 where SAS A319 charter flight to Kangerlussuaq would depart. With an on-time boarding, we smooshed ourselves into window and middle seats

A Quick Tour of Copenhagen Airport and SAS Lounge

Copenhagen Airport SAS Lounges

  Copenhagen Airport also functions as the major airport for Malmo, Sweden. Small and compact compared to other international airports, it is easy to get around, transit through and has excellent transportation into the city, only 15 minutes by metro.