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Leg One: United Airlines Business Class, Chicago to Beijing

It is 14 air hours (all right, 13-1/2 today) from Chicago to Beijing and then 7 air hours from Beijing to Delhi; enter into this equation time from sunrise in Chicago to sunset in Delhi, hours sitting in airport clubs and it usually adds up to 36+ hours. Repeat and repeat again, “It will be […]

Planning Yet Another Visit to India

Air? I begin with air; usually, the most expensive part of a trip and spend days trying to decide what the least expensive way from Chicago to Delhi is while optimizing potential upgrades. The end result this time is to buy round trip tickets on United Airlines from Chicago-Beijing, and hope that Global Upgrades will […]

Welcome to Harbin, The Ice City of China

IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE YOUR HARBIN ARRANGEMENTS… Harbin is known for having the most bitterly cold winters among major Chinese cities, and referred to as the Ice City, which is why we were here right now. Coincidentally, Chicago could have tied Harbin for the Ice City title since frigid temperatures were exactly the same […]

Adios Chile: Santiago Airport, Lounge and Copa Airlines

TIP: Persist if trying to score an airline upgrade and use Skype for 1-800 or 1-877 toll-free calls when out of the country. We called United Airlines daily on Skype to see if Copa Airlines made an upgrade available until it cleared. An early morning wake up and short walk across the street leads right […]

Holiday Inn Hotel at Santiago Airport, Chile

Hotel O’tai in Hanga Roa was gracious enough to extend a late checkout since the LAN flight from Easter Island to Santiago was delayed for two hours. Once again in Economy Class, LAN left at 3:50p Easter Island time and landed in Santiago, two hours ahead in a different time zone at 11:30p. LAN served a […]

A LAN Flight from Santiago to Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is 3,700 kilometers/2,300 miles west of South America and the only other way of accessing by air is from Tahiti. Occasional cruise lines do include Easter Island in their itineraries. You may rightfully ask, “Why would someone spend all that money to fly 17,110 miles roundtrip from Chicago to South American and then […]

From Atacama Desert to Upscale Providencia in Santiago

TIP: LAN Airlines allows passengers to check in and get seat assignments 48 hours before a flight; earlier if a premium flyer with them. It is an easy ride from San Pedro de Atacama to Calama Airport and an equally easy 1:50 minute flight to Santiago leaving the fantastical Atacama Desert behind. Security in the small airport […]

FLASH! Finnair Business Class Seats on Sale

Not only does Finland’s national carrier Finnair have a moment-of-madness sale on Business Class tickets right now, but they have decided to tie up with chefs from leading restaurants to offer Signature Menus on its long-haul business class flights from Helsinki effective January 2015 through Spring 2016. Finnair will also be offering special menus in 2015 to welcome […]

FLASH! United to begin flying to Santiago, Chile

No longer will stick-like-glue to United Airlines flyers in North America have to fly an inconvenient routing like we did during this tour. United is beginning new nonstop service from Houston to Santiago, Chile during the ideal time for a visit! Hooray. But darn, why is it always after I’ve already “been there, done it.” Not only that […]

LAN Airbus-320 Economy Santiago to Calama, Chile

LAN and TAM is part of the Latam Airlines Group and a member of Oneworld, an alliance of 12 airlines which is why we have never flown LAN before. But since only LAN and Sky Airlines fly from Santiago to Calama, jumping off point for the Atacama Desert, there wasn’t much of choice; LAN is […]