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Ethiopia Information and Trivia

Abyssinia (ancient Ethiopia) is possibly the cradle of humanity. Lucy, a fossilized hominid, walked on two legs 3.2 million years ago; Ethiopia has distinct geographical zones. Most of us think of Ethiopia as desert only which is untrue. There is

The Road Back to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The 314 km/195 mile drive to Addis from Jimma took a little less than six hours on a decent, asphalt road. An unexpected sight was a hippopotamus in Lake Gibe by Gibe I Dam. The Gibe River is called “Gibe”

Small but Interesting Jimma Museum, Ethiopia

The little Jimma Museum is open daily and has unique displays. An entrance fee of 25 Birr for Ferengi, 3 Birr for locals. Photographs and/or videos are, unfortunately, not allowed inside but below is what we found the most interesting

Jimma, The Largest City in Southwest Ethiopia

Jimma would be the last, important stop through Unknown Ethiopia. Another 120 kilometer/74 mile drive that took 3-1/2 hours. I don’t even want to add up the hours spent on the road. The upside? There was always something interesting to

From Maji to Bonga in Coffee Country, Ethiopia

While Steve and I ate breakfast, Biya fixed the first, and only, flat tire during the entire trip; a small miracle considering the roads. Through Maji where four Italians (two men, two women) were breaking camp in preparation for a

Feast of Saint Gabriel in Maji, Ethiopia

Breakfast over, we walked down through Maji Village (video) towards St. Gabriel Church, through copious amounts of dust churned up by dump trucks and road equipment working on road construction. People shouted, “You, you, you” as we continued along, waving