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Tokyo Sights: A Quick Tour of The Tokyo Tower

The iconic Tokyo Tower is the world’s tallest self supporting steel tower and at 333 meters/1,092 feet high, 13 meters/42 feet taller than its model, the Eiffel Tower. There are two observation decks: the main observatory deck is at 150 meters/492 feet while the special observatory is 250 meters/820 feet high, both with different admission […]

New Otani Hotel in Tokyo

We would spend¬†two nights at Hotel New Otani Tokyo. Surrounded by a gorgeous ten-acre Japanese garden, with the bright lights of Tokyo glimmering nearby, the Hotel New Otani Tokyo tries to accomplish¬†a zen-like balance between traditional beauty and stylish modernity. Each room has plush linens, the most modern technological accessories, and floor-to-ceiling windows which provide […]