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Four-Star Hotel Schlosshof in Ischgl, Austria

I agonize choosing a resort hotel for a nine-night stay in Europe. Google and look at  half-board (breakfast and dinner) accommodation possibilities at whatever resort I’m considering – in this case website. Then visit the individual hotel websites, send off inquiries and begin winnowing them down by price and availability. In over 30 years […]

Planning A Trip to Ischgl in The Tyrol of Austria

Airlines? My convoluted combination of a cruise around Iceland and then Ischgl, Austria had a combination of free and paid tickets. One of the multi-destination tickets purchased on our airline of choice, United Airlines, was Chicago (ORD) to Oslo (OSL), and Munich (MUC) to Chicago (ORD). I used miles for a one-way free ticket on […]

Hiking in The Massive Tyrol Area of Austria

I have lately been of the travel opinion that more is more. It would be enough for travelers to cruise around Iceland and then return home but my twisted mind went, “Hmm. Marine Steve and I were talking about hiking in Europe. Why don’t we just add hiking on after the cruise finishes?” Surprisingly, Marine […]

Review of Bed and Breakfast Keflavik Airport Hotel – Iceland

The Tauck Tours and Iceland cruise finished around 2:00p at Keflavik Airport, too late for Marine Steve and I to connect onwards to Munich on the same day and we had two choices: Stay at a hotel in Reykjavik overnight, or pick one of several places near the airport. Bed and Breakfast Keflavik Airport Hotel […]

L’Austral Iceland Cruise Day 7: Disembarkation and Seltun-Krysuvik Hot Springs

The Iceland Cruise sailed a total of : 1,013.5 nautical miles or 1,877 kilometers or 1,166 miles around Iceland; not a complete circumnavigation. The total distance may not have been long but the amount of tours and sights passengers enjoyed on a one-week cruise was amazing. And now, the time is near, and as we […]

L’Austral Iceland Cruise Day 6: Old Fishing Outpost of Osvor, Bolungarvik

The West Fjords or Westfjords were created when thick and heavy glaciers during the Ice Age crept over the lava surface to an even level. Isafjordur is the regional capital of the West Fjords and located by the shore of Harpoon Fjord whose name was derived from a local who found a harpoon on the […]

L’Austral Iceland Cruise Day 6: A Tour of Isafjordur

Once off the boat from Vigur Island tank at Isafjordur, it was on a bus for another land tour which began just outside the village at a nine-hole golf course in Tunguskogur. Tunguskogur is a beautiful valley with many hiking/walking trails and I was itching to walk one…sigh, but the tour guide spent much time here […]

L’Austral Iceland Cruise Day 6: Family Owned Vigur Island

L’Austral docked at the fishing town Isafjordur in the Westfjords which stands on a gravel spit in the fjord. Isafjordur is the largest town in the peninsula and conveniently located between five smaller villages with spectacular scenery. Although isolated from the rest of Iceland, Isafjordur has a rich cultural life, heritage of music and art […]

L’Austral Iceland Cruise Day 5: Lake Myvatn and Godafoss Waterfall

Godafoss, Waterfall of the Gods, was one of the last sights today and the Ring Road halfway mark between Lake Myvatn and Akureyri on the way back. Godafoss is considered to be one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. Situated in the long Skjalfandafjot River, both the river and lava field it runs through have their […]

Iceland’s Mythological 13 Yule Lads

Learn about Iceland mythology and, in particular, the fable about the 13 Yule lads. They are said to live in the Dimmuborgir area among the rocky lava and each appears on one of the 13 days before Christmas, bringing a present. The folkloric story of Gryla and her Yule lads is a gruesome cautionary tale, […]