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What to See and Do in Osaka: Kuromon Food Market

Osaka is Japan’s second city and big with a population of 2.5 million people. However, its history dates back 1,400 years. Two major airports are located within the city limits while regular Shinkansen bullet trains link Osaka with Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Kobe. Osaka is a great walking city, particularly in the Namba area (where […]

A Fast Walk Through Umeda North Area of Osaka

Every single time we try to use subway ticket machines in Japan by ourselves, a local runs up, asks where we are going (if they don’t speak English, they pantomime) and then guides us through the entire process. Today was no different. As I stood looking for one of the machines with an English button, a couple […]

Luxurious Hotel Monterey Grasmere, Osaka

Hotel Monterey Grasmere was selected by Oku Japan as the group hotel in Osaka. Conveniently located in Namba Central Osaka, the hotel is also connected to Namba Station with a direct line to Kansai International Airport. How convenient is that! Marine Steve and I decided to stay for two extra days at this hotel since it wasn’t […]

Using Bullet Trains (Shinkansen) in Japan: Nagasaki to Osaka

I am certainly not the first to comment on how Japanese trains are a model of efficiency, cleanliness and speed. If the train schedule says 1:30p, the train will whoosh into the station at 1:30p exactly. Gates open, people board and approximately 50 seconds later (we timed it), the train pulls out. No lollygagging around […]

It’s All About Food in Nagasaki Chinatown

The Dormy Inn is only a few footsteps from Chinatown filled with restaurants whose teeming windows display plastic food replicas and prices. Nagasaki’s favorite dishes, or dishes known Nagasaki is known for, are pork buns, Champon and Saraudon. Nagasaki Chinatown is a small area with four entrance gates facing in four different directions: Seiryu-mon; Byakko-mon; Suzaku-mon; […]

The Excellent Dormy Inn, Nagasaki

The Dormy Inn is located in central Nagasaki and has 211 rooms, an internet station in the lobby, excellent Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, good amenities, air conditioning, LCD television, and even a laundry room located on the 3rd Floor Reception Level with free detergent and use of washer! There is a 100 Yen charge to […]

Hydrofoil, Bus, Trains and Tram from Yakushima to Nagasaki

What a grueling day with six, that’s right, six different transportation changes needed to travel from Yakushima to Nagasaki. It was on and off, on and off, changing from hydrofoil to bus to train to more train to more train to tram, all the while schlepping heavy backpacks. Thank goodness the suitcases were shipped on to […]

Beaches and Hot Springs on UNESCO Yakushima Island

Yakushima is not only Japan’s wettest place, it also ranks as one of the world’s wettest places! There’s no argument for us. It not only rained all three days during the visit but we had monsoon-like downpours on two of the days. I can’t imagine visiting during the actual monsoon period from mid-June to mid-July which […]

Three Nights at Manmaru Guesthouse – Anbo, Yakushima

Yakushima is a small granite, mountainous island that has a great deal of precipitation. There is measurable precipitation half the year, earning Yakushima a reputation of being one of the most rain-soaked places in Japan. Even with all that rain, Yakushima is a popular destination for Japanese tourists with a good infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, and […]

Reasonably Priced Tokyu Inn Hotel in Kagoshima

The 206 air-conditioned guest rooms at Tokyu Inn in Kagoshima had television with satellite channels, hair dryers, free Wi-Fi throughout, nice beds, amenities in the bathroom which also had a deep bathtub. Our room on the 10th Floor finally had a view overlooking the Kotsuki River! Dining options include a restaurant, a coffee shop/cafe, and […]