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Arabian Gulf Cruise: Visit Omani Village of Misfat al Abriyeen

crumbling Misfat al Abriyeen, Oman

The also rundown Omani village of Misfat al Abriyeen is located a few kilometers from Al Hamra. It is another picturesque village sitting on a steep slope at the foot of Jebel Shams, with old homes and narrow streets. It

Arabian Gulf Cruise: Visiting Al Hamra Crumbling Mud Village

going native in Al Hamra, Oman

Al Hamra Village is approximately 400-years old and looks every bit of 400 years. We drove a short distance from Nizwa to Al Hamra, parked the car and déjà vu flashed before my eyes. Haven’t we seen similar mud villages in Desert

Arabian Gulf Cruise: Nizwa Fort and Souq/Souk Private Excursion

TravelsWithSheila at Nizwa Fort, Oman

We booked a private all-day shore excursion for Nizwa Fort and Souq/Souk, Al Hamra and Misfit al A’breyeen. But first, a minor hassle disembarking Splendour of the Seas in Muscat. Two other ships were in port; Costa and MSC Magic.

Arabian Gulf Cruise: Muscat Shore Excursions

muttrah souk stained glass 2

An overnight, two-day stay in Muscat offered many different shore excursions. Splendour of the Seas would remain docked at the Cruise Terminal creating a dilemma; what to do, what to see. It was a given to visit the Muttrah/Mutrah Souq/Souk

Arabian Gulf Cruise: A Disappointing Tour in Khasab, Oman

Arabian Gulf Cruise: A Disappointing Tour in Khasab, Oman

“Disappointing” barely covers the day tour in Khasab, Oman. Because only seeing prehistoric rock carvings appealed, I made arrangements with a local tour operator on the Internet. This is what we were supposed to see and do: Khasab City Tour. Khasab

RC Arabian Gulf Cruise: Know Before You go – Khasab, Oman

khasab she 3

Know about Khasab, Oman before you go: Khasab is located on the Musandam coast off Oman in the Strait of Hormuz. A little northeast of Dubai, Khasab was built by the Portuguese because of its natural harbor. It then became a dates