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Winter Adventures at Nellim Wilderness Hotel in Lapland

Nellim Wilderness Hotel is family-owned and operated. Located on the shore of Lake Inari and only 10 kilometers/6.2 miles from the Russian border, a portion of this Hotel is located in an old school. Many buildings on the property were

Activities at Muotka Wilderness Lodge, Saariselka, Finland

Muotka Wilderness Lodge is located deep in taiga forest, next to Urho Kekkonen National Park, and away from any light pollution. If you don’t know what taiga is, I certainly didn’t, it consists mostly of pines, spruces and larches. I

Winter Adventure at Muotka Wilderness Lodge, Saariselka, Finland

Travelers come from all over the world with one objective. Hoping to see the Northern Lights above the Arctic Circle in the Saariselka region of Lapland. But even without the lights, there are a gazillion winter adventure activities – snowmobile, reindeer

Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Finland

Helsinki Vantaa Airport may be small by some standards but international passenger surveys consistently rate it as one of Europe’s best. Helsinki (HEL), also known as Vantaa Airport is located in Vantaa, 17 kilometers/10 miles north of Helsinki. It is

Fly Lufthansa and Finn Air: A321 Frankfurt-Helsinki-Ivalo

Leg two of the journey from Frankfurt to Helsinki is on Lufthansa Airbus 321 with 3-3 seating in both Economy and Business Class. Waiting at the Lufthansa podium for the late flight to be cleaned and then boarded, staff announced that

Hunt for the Northern Lights in Finland

Seeing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is not easy and, for most people, a once in a lifetime experience. TIP: Luck matters no matter what destination! Others become addicted. Begin adding elements necessary to photograph the Northern Lights. And