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Hotel O’tai in Hanga Roa Town, Easter Island

Almost all travelers come to Easter Island on a 4 day/3 night package, as did we and then explore the exact same sights in the exact same order. Its Spanish name is Isla de Pascua and polynesian name is Rapa Nui. The name of Easter Island was bestowed by the island’s first recorded European visitor, […]

Review of Hotel Terrantai in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama has accommodation for every price point: camping, rent a hammock, hostels galore, 4 and 5-star hotels Including a few that run $1,000 US per person per day. Cocha Inbound gave choices and I debated long and hard about where to stay for five nights before going with their recommendation, Terrantai Lodge […]

San Pedro de Atacama: Gateway for Touring the Atacama Desert

San Pedro is an oasis town situated at 2,436 meters/7,992 feet and used by visitors as a base for excursions into the Atacama Desert. However, it was the center of Atacameno culture long before the Incas arrived in 1450. The Quitor fortress defended San Pedro (we would visit in a few days). Cultivable land around […]

Review of Holiday Inn Express, Santiago

The Holiday Inn Express Hotel is located in the upscale Vitacura/Las Condes area of Santiago, Chile; a city of 7 million people. This large business district is filled with many upscale condominiums, restaurants, stores, pharmacies, corporations and even the American Embassy! “Oh, say can you see?”..It was a 20 minute walk from the hotel to […]

What to Know about Planning Travel to Chile

International Air? There are no nonstop flights from Chicago to Santiago on United Airlines, our carrier of choice. The best we could do, factoring in flying time and cost on a Star Alliance Partner was… Are you ready for this? COPA Airlines Chicago-Panama City, Panama City-Santiago in both directions and in Economy Class. A United […]

Taroko Tribe Entertainment at Leader Village, Taroko Gorge

Most of the staff at Leader Village entertain guests in the evening with a lengthy show which showcases traditional Taroko tribal songs, musical instruments and tells about rituals (in the video). And yes, YouTube! I do have written permission from Leader Village to video and upload. (YouTube is a “copyright stickler”.) Please believe that I […]

Review of Charming Leader Village Hotel, Taroko Gorge

There are only two accommodation choices within Taroko Gorge and near vicinity of which Leader Village in Bulawan is one, Silks Place the other, and both are completely unlike; one is contemporary while the other is designed to be a small tribal village. After intensively browsing both websites, I selected Leader Village. Run by a Han Chinese Conglomerate, […]

A Lively Beinan Aborigine Cultural Show at Royal Chihpen Hotel

Taitung was developed by the Japanese in the early part of the Twentieth Century. Road and railway construction brought an influx of Taiwanese settlers into a population of seven aboriginal groups, each with its own unique culture. These tribes include: Bunun, Paiwan, Rukai, Amis, Beinan, Yamis, and Gamalan. A Beinan troupe of performers at the […]

Hot Spring Heaven at Five-Star Royal Chihpen, Taiwan

Today happens to be Marine Steve’s birthday and what better way to celebrate but at tonight’s hotel, the extremely luxurious Hotel Royal Chihpen, in Chihpen, hometown of hot springs and the only five-star hotel here! Bring it on… Hotel Royal Chihpen is located in the scenic Chihpen area of Taitung County which is blessed with natural […]


Got an  e-mail from Singapore Airlines this morning that I just had to pass on. They have just launched their “Very Very Singapore Stopovers Campaign” in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board and what a campaign it is! The basic stopover package is priced from $35 US and includes a choice of accommodation at over 35 […]