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The Important Pilgrimage Site of Maheshwar, India

It is a two-hour drive from Mandu to Maheshwar, an important pilgrimage center also known as the Temple City. Maheshwar is situated along the sacred Narmada River where pilgrims and holy men spent hours meditating. The Narmada is considered by Hindus to be one of the five holy rivers of India; the other four are […]

Malwa Resort Tented Hotel in Mandu, India

Government owned and operated Malwa Resort Tented Hotel is said to be Mandu’s best accommodation, and typical of their hotels with well kept lawns, stand alone cottages and clean rooms. Guests have a choice of: four deluxe tents, 10 air conditioned rooms and 10 air cooled rooms. The swimming pool was empty and food in […]

Bhopal, India: Mosques and Chaotic Chawk Market

Eleventh Century Bhopal was founded by Raja Bhog but the present city was established by an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed (1707-1740) and it is his descendants who built beautiful Bhopal. Modern Bhopal is spread across prime real estate area overlooking Upper Lake, where Jehan Numa Hotel is located. Because our train came in so late, […]

The Deluxe Jehan Numa Palace Hotel in Bhopal

The Deluxe Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, a “real” Nineteenth Century palace hotel, was one of our India highlights and, possibly, our favorite hotel. In Urdu, Jehan Numa means “View of the World” and the hotel is in a lovely upscale neighborhood set among five acres. The Palace was built during the rule of Sultan Jehan Begum […]

Welcome to The *****Radisson Hotel, Khajuraho

It is a short 10 minute drive from Khajuraho Airport to the five-star Radisson Hotel considered to be one of the best hotels in Khajuraho. The two-level hotel is beautifully located in the middle of expansive and lovely grounds with 86 comfortable guest rooms, Wi-Fi in all public area and rooms, private balconies, Business and Fitness […]

Welcome to The Radisson Hotel in Varanasi, India

Waking to heavy fog in Delhi the next morning, I knew flights would be delayed and sure enough, they were. The Air India flight from Delhi was supposed to depart at 10:30a but left one hour late for the very short 1:05 flight to Varanasi. TIP: Domestic airlines throughout India usually make more then one […]

Marriott Courtyard in Gurgaon (Delhi)

We transferred hotels the next night to the Marriott Courtyard in Gurgaon (a Delhi suburb). Why? This particular Marriott Courtyard isn’t far from Delhi Airport which made it convenient for an early flight to Varanasi the next day. Sigh…traveling is not easy! I remember Courtyard Hotels as being small, motel-like places on one level that always included […]

The Charming Thikana Guesthouse in Delhi, India

Travelscope, our local tour operator in India, greeted me with a bouquet of flowers and whisked us to the Thikana Bed and Breakfast Guesthouse, approximately 15 kilometers/9.3 miles from the airport. The owner greeted us with offers of coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and use of his mobile or cell to call Travel Guard about Steve’s […]

Planning Yet Another Visit to India

Air? I begin with air; usually, the most expensive part of a trip and spend days trying to decide what the least expensive way from Chicago to Delhi is while optimizing potential upgrades. The end result this time is to buy round trip tickets on United Airlines from Chicago-Beijing, and hope that Global Upgrades will […]

It Would Take a Lifetime to Thoroughly Visit Incredible India

The Marine (husband, Steve) and I have covered India from bottom to top, or top to bottom on more than 12, extensive visits; tigers, treks, cultural, mountains, deserts, UNESCO World Heritage sites. Have we seen it all? Not by a long-shot. Whoever came up with, “Incredible India,” stumbled upon the perfect description. Steve and I […]