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Review of Hotel Germania: Cochem on the Moselle River, Germany

I booked four nights in gorgeous Cochem not only for its sights but to also recuperate from jet leg before attempting a 10-day walk along the Rhine. Hotel Germania is available through booking. com on the side of this page. Hotel Germania,

The Easy to Use German Train System: Frankfurt Airport to Cochem

Off the United Airlines flight from Newark/NY to Frankfurt, all non-transiting passengers walk to baggage claim where suitcases quickly materialize. We then made our way through an easy passport control followed by a l-o-n-g walk pulling suitcases through lower-level terminals

United Airlines Business Class Boeing 777-200 Newark (EWR)-Frankfurt (FRA)

Global Business Class upgrades (a United Airlines perk for 1K passengers) cleared way in advance with the exception of a return segment that didn’t clear until a few days before flying home. Upgrades to First Class on flight #1, a

How to Plan a Trip Along the Rhine in Germany

My opinion? The easiest way to visit the Rhine area is on one of the many Rhine Cruises traveling the Middle Rhine in both directions. Book a date, board, unpack and that’s it. But Marine Steve and I like a little

Walk Along the Romantic Rhine in Germany

Why did (duh…) me never realize that the UNESCO Middle Rhine River is only one hour from Frankfurt, Germany? I receive almost daily mail from Viking Cruises and other tour operators talking up Rhine cruises that somehow wafted through my

Posada Don Juan in Tilcara, Argentina Review

Posada Don Juan would eventually be tonight’s accommodation. Still following the Train to the Clouds route, we arrived in Tilcara late in the day, starving and freezing (temp. 41 degrees Fahrenheit). When guides said Posada Don Juan was a lengthy