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Hotel OK in Skopje, Macedonia

The uniquely furnished Hotel OK, St. Londonska N. 19 is set in a quiet area, approximately 2.8 kilometers/2 miles from the center of Skopje. This location in more residential area appeared to be a drawback at first but we found walking from the center easy, local buses (inexpensive) run every 5-10 minutes and stop in front of the […]

A Night in a Monastery, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia

The St. Joachim/Joakim Osogovski Monastery complex includes: small Fourteenth Century Church of Holy Mother of God, large Church of St. Joachim Osogovski, three-story dormitory, guardhouse, and guesthouses for tourists. Dormitory accommodation is located on the lower level near the church while new double rooms in the guesthouse on the upper level are private with en-suite […]

Highlights of Sofia on An Easy Walking Tour: Part 2

Hotel Budapest is located north of the famous Lion’s Bridge at the top of Maria Luisa Boulevard; designed in 1890, it is impossible to miss the four lion bronze sculptures flanking the bridge. This bridge once marked the northern border of Sofia. The Russian Church, built between 1912-1914, is extremely decorative with its golden onion […]

Hotel Budapest in Sofia, Bulgaria

The contemporary and relatively new Budapest Hotel, No. 92A Budapeshta Street (and also bookable through on the sidebar) is the Sofia hotel Explore Worldwide included in this tour. I took one look at the trolley tracks and busy traffic on Budapeshta Street and thought, “Oh no, a noisy, substandard hotel.” Substandard, no – noisy, yes unless […]

How to Plan a Multi-Country Trip

I suggest visits to: the excellent Bulgaria Travel website  and if that isn’t enough, contact their very responsive staff for more detailed information; and Exploring Macedonia, Air?  We stick like glue to United Airlines and Star Alliance partners, and purchased a United Airlines round trip ticket from Chicago-Frankfurt, connecting to a non-stop Lufthansa flight, Frankfurt-Sofia, capital […]

A Trip Through Ancient Macedonia

Spouse, Marine Steve and I have been lucky enough to visit every country in the Balkans except Macedonia. Balkan countries are considered to be those which fall into the Balkan Peninsula of the European continent which includes: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia and “European Turkey,” a small region around […]

Arctic Norway and Sea Spirit Expedition Cruise: Hindsight is 20/20

I am conflicted as to whether or not to recommend cruising in the Arctic. If you have cruised down to Antarctic, the Arctic is a mere shadow of that experience except for an occasional Polar Bear and walrus. On the other hand, if you cruise through the Arctic first, Antarctica will send you into ecstasy. […]

The Friendly Spitsbergen Guesthouse in Longyearbyen

I chose the Spitsbergen Guesthouse in Nybyen only because it was the least expensive choice available for one night. If you happen to be one of the lucky or unlucky people (this depends on your perspective) who will leave Longyearbyen on either the 4:00a Norwegian Air or 4:50a SAS non-stop flights to Oslo, consider staying at Spitsbergen […]

Exploring the Small Town of Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen

Many disembarking passengers made arrangements to fly from Longyearbyen to Oslo while others, like us, would stay overnight (if it could be called an “overnight”) and fly out early morning; think 4:50a morning! Oh well, there was still one afternoon in Longyearbyen to walk around… After checking into the Spitsbergen Guesthouse on Longyearbyen outskirts, we […]

Disembarking the Sea Spirit in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen

And now the time has come, and as we face…. Ten days filled with new experiences, and wonderful food had to end; one last briefing, the Captain’s farewell dinner, goodbyes to the wonderful personnel who worked so hard to make the trip wonderful and packing. Our adventure ended as it began, in the frontier-style settlement […]