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Walk from Bacharach to Little Trechtingshausen on the Rhine

  A “cooler” day in the 80s F. made it comfortable enough for a 10 kilometer/6.2 mile walk along the Rhine from Bacharach to Trechtingshausen. There really wasn’t much to see along the trail with the exception of Rhine River

Hotel Zur Post in Bacharach on the Rhine, Germany

  Hotel Zur Post is another family owned and operated hotel located on Oberstrasse in Bacharach opposite theTourist Information office. The three-star hotel (has three floors with no elevator/lift…argh…) is a member of World Heritage Hosts. We were more than thrilled

Train from Oberwesel to Medieval Bacharach on the Rhine

(Church of St. Peter/Peterkirche, Town Fortifications and Houses) Not a wisp of breeze stirred in the hotel room during the night forcing us to rise early from a puddle of sweat to eat breakfast and take a train to Bacharach. It

Family-owned ***Gutsschanke Sennerhof in Oberwesel, Germany

  The St. Goar-Oberwesel municipality is also one of the largest wine growing communities in the Middle Rhine. Its steep slopes yield hundreds of thousands of liters each year. Although many growers offer wine tours through their vineyards, we spent

More Adorable and Charming Town #5: Sheila’s Favorite Oberwesel on the Rhine

(The Historic Fortifications of Oberwesel) Oberwesel is known for the large number of high walls and towers that bore witness to the town’s power and wealth during the Middle Ages. The defensive walls once extended for 2.5 kilometers/1.5 miles, were

Adorable and Charming Town #5: Sheila’s Favorite Oberwesel on the Rhine

(Liebfrauenkirche Catholic Church and Jewish Memorial) Oberwesel is perhaps one of the most attractive small towns on the West Bank of the Rhine. This was obvious after seeing the approach from the river and a special pier used just for Viking