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Driving from Kerala into Karnataka, India

Nothing can prepare a traveler for driving around India. You can watch many videos here, on my You Tube channel, read previous posts, and still not be prepared. We wouldn’t change a nano-second despite aching backs, necks, stiffness and numb butts

Bits, Bytes and Tellicherry Old Fort in Kerala

With just a few sights left, we headed to Tellicherry Old Fort. The Tellicherry Old Fort (that’s what the original sign outside said) was not interesting; only because terrible guide from Ayisha Manzil with us didn’t know anything. Not only

Sightseeing Around Tellicherry, India

When sightseeing in Tellicherry or Thalassery, know there are only a few “important” tourist sights: The Fish and Vegetable Market; Spice Market; Beedi Rolling; and Thalassery Fort All interesting but if a traveler happens to miss one, or all, the world will not

Unique and Colorful Theyyam Ritual in Kerala, India

I consider the Theyyam Ritual one of the most interesting sights I’ve ever seen. Probably because it is a living, breathing Hindu religion practice that is incredibly colorful. This religious practice called theyyam is a dance/drama performed once a year

Ayisha Manzil Heritage Guesthouse Tellicherry, India

The British first came to Tellicherry (later renamed Thalassery) in Kerala for the Spice Trade. Ayisha Manzil is a two-story colonial style bungalow built in 1862 by an East India Company tradesman and overlooks the Arabian Sea. Sold to the grandfather

A Day With the Elephants – Konni Elephant Camp, Kerala

Who doesn’t like Elephants? And who wouldn’t like the opportunity to safely get up close and personal with an elephant? A day with the elephants is an option given to guests at Mannaas Veedu Homestay. Marine Steve and I have