Ta Prohm and Four Other Temples, Cambodia

I don’t know if we all could keep interest levels up through a total of five temples today. Ta Prohm was a definite, “Yes”;  the one used in “Tomb Raider” with all the trees growing up through the temples. It is very “Indiana Jones” looking and #4 on the list today. But all the others…

The first was Prasat Kravan from the early Tenth century, originally constructed by noblemen rather than a king. The most interesting part of Prasat Kravan is the Vishnu carvings inside, rendered in brick and some inscriptions. This temple has the only example of brick bas-reliefs in the Angkor area.

Day13Prasat Kravan1.JPG.jpg
mural inside Prasat Kravan Temple, Cambodia

Day13Prasat Kravin2 inscriptions.JPG.jpg
inscription inside Prasat Kravan Temple, Cambodia

Number Two, Banteay Kdei, constructed in the late 12th century. Not too much restoration had been done here. Lots of 3-headed elephants but the children bombarding our bus with “things” to sell…View image… were more up my alley. Little origami birds and fish, mobiles, blouses, more Krama. (Actually, lots more Krama.)

Day13son shopping.JPG.jpg
ex-Marine concluding the latest purchase in Cambodia

Day13buying birds.JPG.jpg
string of origami birds for sale in Cambodia

Banteay Samre, was Number Three for today. Mid-Twelfth century, Angkor Wat-style architecture…the fun part was watching tourists trying to navigate the very narrow stairs (myself included)…

trying to get up those darned steps at Banteay Samre Temple, Cambodia

Let’s move along to lunch, not too far from Angkor Wat. Lunches have been pretty mediocre so ex-Marine and I just walked back down the road to watch tree-trimming Cambodian style and some food sellers. These trees are so gigantic that scaffolding is built around the tree for workmen to climb up and trim.

Day13tree trimming#1.JPG.jpg
tree-trimming Angkor Wat style, Cambodia

Day13selling food.JPG.jpg
this seller covered all basis with food and clothing, Cambodia

Ta-Da….Ta Prohm…View image…. Ta Prohm, again mid-12th century King Jayavarman VII, has been left almost completely unrestored. …View image… It’s still in the original state discovered in the 1800s (for how long, who knows). The big draw here is all the large fig and kapok trees that have grown through the stone complex, towers and corridors. And, let’s not forget, the great setting for “Tomb Raider.” Since our 1999 visit, the Government has opened wooden walkways through Ta Prohm which does detract a little from its jungle-ey atmosphere.

Day13Ta Prohm face.JPG.jpg
face, barely visible through the tree roots at Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Day13Ta Prohm sonny.JPG.jpg
ex-Marine at Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

oldcambodiaphotoTa Prohm.jpg
Ta Prohm’s huge tree roots, Cambodia

another view of Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Would you believe we weren’t done for the day?…I couldn’t…

Day13selling pineapple.JPG.jpg
bags of freshly sliced pineapple for sale in Cambodia


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  1. I miss the pineapples, so juicy and yummy! 🙂

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