St. Joseph Inn/Guesthouse in Sagada, Luzon

It was late afternoon before we arrived in Sagada dead tired. Parked the car and walked into a very unprepossessing building. This was St. Joseph Inn, Guesthouse, whatever you want to call it? Four completely slap-happy individuals followed June through this building and looked down a slope where a few small cottages were visible among the trees and fog. Now we had to schlep the suitcases, backpacks, heavy liter bottles of water, down to somewhere in the mist over slippery, moss covered steps and inclines. Margie and I went into gales of laughter trying to keep our footing and find the cottage. She whipped out her new nose flute to strike up a tune. But the two of us were laughing so hard that all she managed to “play” was a nose full of snot. Told you we were slap-happy and she definitely needs nose flute lessons.

Shouting, “June, June, where do we go,” he hollered from still further down the slope, “Over here.” Here was a small cottage divided into two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

St. Joseph Inn/Resthouse/Guesthouse cottages - Sagada

bathroom facilities at St. Joseph Inn, Sagada


St. Joseph Inn has 27 rooms and cottages, and is the largest guest house in Sagada. Owned by the Episcopalian church, these buildings were once part of a seminary and the guest house is still managed by officers of the church. There is a wide variety of room types, with/without hot water or bathroom facilities (there was no hot water during our stay), and even a dormitory. A la carte meals are served in the large Cafe Saint Joe on the premises.

bedroom at St. Joseph Inn, Sagada

Margie and Art on the left...Sheila and Steve on the right - Sagada


The room was clean, had two beds with ample blankets. Freezing to death, ex-Marine and I stripped one bed and piled all the blankets on one. The small bed would be cramped sharing with the “big guy” but warmth was imperative. Guide June slept in the dormitory with a large group of high school students on an overnight from Manila and informed us that everyone froze to death during the night.


Cafe Saint Joe did have good food, a plus. A delicious dinner of fried chicken, vegetables, rice with fruit for dessert. If St. Joseph Inn is the best Sagada has to offer, I’d hate to see what else in available. One-night’s stay would be more than enough…
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