A Local Serbian Wedding in Sirogojno

Done with touring the Sirogojno Living Museum, we stood around admiring woolen goods made and sold by locals, sat in the sun, and waited to leave. I heard cars in the distance horns blaring, loud music and Serbian flags waving from car windows. “Wedding” ran through my mind. Other in our group thought it could be the “Serbian Minister” on his way to Mileseva Monastery. The car procession appeared to be heading our way, noise volume grew, silenced and then a band began playing. Now I knew there was going to be a wedding and picked up cameras, and ran like the wind towards St. Peter and Paul Church built in 1764 where a priest stood in front, awaiting the bridal party.

The bridal party came down the road towards the church. Men in front carried and waved Serbian flags followed by what I think was the groom’s father holding a bottle of Slivovitz (or other brandy), taking an occasional nip, and then passing on the bottle to others in the wedding party. The white gowned bride had the groom on her right, father on her left while family members, guests and a small brass band followed. Family and important guests are usually given embroidered sashes to wear but I only saw a white sash on the father of the bride.

priest waiting for the bridal party, Sirogojno, Serbia

a local Serbian wedding in Sirogojno


Travels With Sheila needed a camera crew to help with the camcorder and digital camera (where was Steve when needed), since it was not easy to juggle both. A few hasty swallows of brandy and men in the bridal party left decorated bottles on the pavement outside the church before entering, followed by the rest of the wedding party. It was impossible to see anything inside the church since people stand for services in a Serbian Orthodox Church; no pews or chairs.

groom, beautiful bride and father, Sirogojno wedding in Serbia


I didn’t want to intrude and walked away thrilled to have seen a small part of a local Serbian wedding. Are Serbian wedding receptions as lively as the ones we saw in Albania? If so, invite me!

handmade woolen goods for sale in Sirogojno, Serbia



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