Teenage Sarah Flies and Arrives in Rome

We have no private jet (what a surprise…) and have “schlepper class” seats (economy). Chicago to Washington, DC and then Washington to Rome on United. There are direct flights on Alitalia and American Airlines from Chicago but we are loyal United flyers and Sarah is on a free ticket (turned in miles). Because we do fly so much on United, we burned some upgrade certificates and Sarah and ex-Marine (“Grandpa”) will sit in Business Class on the way from Washington, DC to Rome while I sit back in economy.

Sarah arrived at our house hours before necssary to because she was so excited and wanted to head right out to the airport. Just what we needed…a few extra hours sitting around O’Hare… ex-Marine also volunteers at O’Hare Airport and a very nice United person gave us a personal invite into the First Class Lounge. That made the waiting a lot easier and talk about spoiling a teenager from the get-go. Sarah may never be the same again…

excited Sarah waiting in the United First Class lounge, O’Hare Airport

flying out over Chicago to Rome

a very happy young lady going to Europe

A short, easy flight from Chicago to Washington, DC. One hour between flights and we were off and running. Sarah, and Grandpa, very happy in United Business Class and me, very happy in Economy with two seats to myself. There were exactly two empty seats in all of Economy and I was lucky enough to have one next to myself. Oh happy day… Grandpa held Sarah’s hand on take-off and then she immediately engrossed herself watching movies for the entire flight, including her favorite Juno, five times, and something on another channel that she watches at home.

advertising in Rome for Juno, Sarah’s favorite movie

There was a short patch of turbulence at one time during the flight and Sarah joined me in the back for a little reassurance and because… “Grandpa is boring. All he does is sleep and he doesn’t watch movies with me.”

Ciao, Roma. We’re here and Sarah is fixated on making sure the Customs Officer puts a stamp in her passport. Successful, our bags came through with no problem, the driver I arranged through All’Obelisco Bed and Breakfast was there with a sign and we were on the way into Rome. If there’s more than two people in your party, take a taxi or arrange for private transport. It only cost us an additional 10 Euros over taking the train from the airport, and if we took the train, we’d then have to take public transportation or a taxi to the All’Obelisco. Much easier for us (and her) this way.

(After the fact: It was interesting to see Sarah’s developed photos and muse on what she thought was worthy of taking…)

part of All’Obelisco room in Rome – photo by Sarah

All’Obelisco bathroom in Rome – photo by Sarah

Rain is forecast for today but the sun is shining right now. Welcomed by the very nice owner at All’Obelisco, we ate a light breakfast while deciding what to do. It was only around 8:00 am, Rome time, and the room wouldn’t be ready until 11:00 am the earliest. The three of us were tired and hoped to take a short nap but instead, out we went to do a little Rome exploring…

Grandma Sheila and Sarah on Spanish Steps in Rome

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