A Week in North Albania Ended Back in Tirana

The ride to Tirana took another two hours from Shkodra again passing Rosafa Castle up on the hill…View image, wagons loaded with cornstalks on the road…View image, and people selling heaps of Watermelons. I could never understand why we didn’t stop at least once during the two weeks and buy watermelons to share. Another road sight that amused me throughout the trip was the Kastrati Gas/Petrol Stations. I could never see the word “Kastrati” without thinking of castration.

The ultimate road sight back to Tirana had to be a group of young boys sitting on a railroad trestle spanning a river and taking turns jumping off into the water…View image. Back at Hotel Seven, grabbed the left behind suitcase with enough time to clean up and get organized. The Albania intense summer heat has really done us in and what a pleasure to be back in an air-conditioned room for one last night in Tirana and one last dinner with our Outdoor Albania group at 7:00 p.m.

Day 11 sell watermelon on road.jpg
heaps of watermelon for sale on the roads of Albania


ex-Marine spread out the Euros, U.S. Dollars and remaining LEK on the bed. We have too much LEK left. The LEK is worthless in other countries and you lose money on conversion. I guess we’ll just have to spend it tomorrow morning before flying to Munich. Too bad…so sad…

Day 11 kids jump off bridge.jpg
kids jumping off a railroad bridge into an Albanian river
Day 11 kastrati 2.jpg
a Kastrati Petrol/Gas Station, Albania


Down around 6:30 p.m. in the Hotel Seven lounge area for a before dinner drink. The group began assembling one by one and ordering their own drinks. It was 7:00 p.m. before we knew it and the group was now on their second round drinks with no indication of moving soon. ex-Marine and I were tired and starving but waited another 10 minutes before giving up. Said our goodbyes, went to find a sandwich and called it a night. Patience is not a strongpoint for either of us.

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