Revisiting Indonesia – Bali, Lombok and The Lesser Sundra Islands

Past trips to Indonesia have included:

– A beyond incredible exploration of Sulawesi with Toraja-land the mother of all sights a few years ago;

– Borneo with personality-plus Orangutans and Dayak villages; and

– An Imaginative Traveller journey through  Java and Bali (click on Adventure Center’s offerings on this site for more about this trip).

These two didn’t begin to touch on the wonders Indonesia has to offer travelers. Indonesia is inexpensive, if not downright cheap. Indonesia is filled with a panoply of unbelievable sights. Orangutans, culture, history, volcanic exploration, some of the world’s best diving, wonderful food. And…the Komodo Dragons!

Travelers With Sheila began leafing fast and furiously through the Lonely Planet Indonesia book. Tearing out chapters. Surfing on-line and e-mailing tour operators. It was impossible to find a ready-made tour that incorporated everything that I wanted to do. What else is new? Fortunately, Happy Trails was recommended by one of my go-to former tour guides. Bingo! Happy Trails. Happy Trails! is located in Bali, handles trips throughout Indonesia for many tour operators in Europe, North America and Asia, and has a wide-range of packages to pick from. Mix and match, or they are happy to customize whatever your little heart desires.

indonesia map.jpg
Indonesia map

Let the flurry of e-mails begin until this Indonesia exploration was fine-tuned. What better place to start than with a return to Ubud, Bali where ex-Marine (husband, Steve) and I spent two, extremely short days with barely any time to visit this area in depth. Happy Trails than suggested flying over to Lombok to begin a 16-day Lesser Sundra Exploration. This would include: Lombok from West to East; Sumbawa;  boating through the Komodo archipelago to see the Komodo dragons; and end with an intense land tour of Flores.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Let’s begin the detailed planning…

Past the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, The Float @Marina Bay (the world’s largest floating stage with 30,000 seats, the Singapore Flyer in the distance. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and complex. Now I wouldn’t mind scoring one of their over 2,500 rooms and heading up to their SkyPark on the 57th floor for incredible views of Singapore. I was told the general policy is “guests only.” You can dine at Sky on 57 with minimum charges that match the height of the SkyPark. Do they have a casino? Duh…this is part of the Sands chain. Do bears @*!# in the woods?

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