Inside The Important Gotsang Meditation Cave, Ladakh, India

ex-Marine lit a butter lamp and as we prepared to leave, Erik said, “Don’t you want to go into the cave?” Huh? Of course we want to go into the cave. “Wasn’t this it?” NO… There was another entrance leading from this room and shoes off, we entered the cave proper. This was the spiritually important Gotsang Meditation Cave. It seems that Erik and I speak in different tongues. Communication relating exactly what we are doing and what we are going to see has been problematic.

We entered the dark cave and were completely taken aback…View image. Guru Gotsang meditated in this cave in the 12th century. According to what I have been told and read, he also meditated in different places, performed miracles and left his footprint, handprint and imprint of his forehead in the rocks of caves where he had meditated. The cave walls are decorated with very old, beautiful and crumbling frescoes and it was surprising that we were allowed to take photos…View image. The roof of the cave has Gotsang’s handprint. It is said that this cave was much smaller and Guru Gotsang put his hand up on the cave top, pushed and enlarged the cave to its present size.

Day 10 gotsang in cave 4.jpg
a fresco in Gotsang Meditation Cave, Ladakh
Day 10 gotsang in cave 1.jpg
the area of Guru Gotsang’s handprint in the ceiling of the cave, Ladakh


Both unexpected and fascinating, it was definitely worth walking up to visit the Gotsang Meditation Cave. A few more photographs of the monastery…View image, put money in the donation jar and began the walk down….View image…down…down…

Day 10 gotsang donations 1.jpg
Gotsang donation jar with photograph of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama behind it, Ladakh


Watching porters carrying loads up to the monastery since there’s no other way to get supplies without human labor. A conversation with a monk…View image. Another pause to exchange greetings with a very jolly, 60-year old nun. One of the two who takes care of the monks at Hemis Monastery. What…they can’t take care of themselves? Men!

Day 10 gotsang porters carry.jpg
porters toil with their burdens up to Gotsang Monastery, Ladakh
Day 10 down to hemis nun 2.jpg
a friendly Hemis Monastery Nun, Ladakh


A good spot by the rushing streamlets to sit and eat a packed lunch…View image. One of the yummiest tuna sandwiches ever, and I’m really getting into the cold, boiled potato that comes with all packed lunches. A typical packed lunch made in Leh will have: a banana, juice box, hard boiled egg, cold boiled potato, sandwich and candy bar. This very enjoyable day almost over, the 4×4 drove past Stakna and Thiksey Monasteries, into Leh and the Deskit Villa. A new consultation with Lobsang who has decided that tomorrow we will visit Phyang Monastery and then spend time walking through the fields of Phyang Village. Sounds good to me…

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