Pontresina’s Diavolezza and Langalb Areas, Switzerland

This was our third trip to the St. Moritz, Pontresina, Engadine Valley area, one of the highest in altitude in Europe. With Global Warming, etc., snow levels are no longer reliable and it is important to pick a high-altitude destination to ensure good quality snow. The snow levels were great in this area and we still had one more day to walk and snowshoe around.

A short 3-4 block walk downhill to the main Pontresina train station to wait for the train heading towards the Bernina Pass. The buses from Pontresina also go to these two lifts. It just depends what form of transportation is more convenient at the time you choose. On the train to the base of the Diavolezza lift. It was another gorgeous sunny day and I don’t know whether I love the Swiss Alps more in the Winter or Summer. The big Summer advantage is that prices drop around 50% at most hotels. You can still hike up and over mountains, come down in another town and bus or train back. The same ubiquitous yellow signs are everywhere, pointing you in the right direction at each trail intersection along with average time to your destination. Even I have trouble getting lost…

yellow directional hiking/biking/x-country signs in the Engadin Valley, Switzerland

Diavolezza map, Pontresina, Switzerland

It was fun watching the huge tram heading up to the top while we decided which trail or ski run to follow…

Diavolezza tram in Switzerland

…finally heading in the direction of the Bernina pass alongside the cross-country trails and around a frozen lake, passing the Bernina Lagalb mountain on the way…

Lagalb map, Switzerland

ex-Marine was thrilled that today passed without one of my “extreme” ideas…

this is ex-Marine’s “happy” look that he’s done for the day in Switzerland

…the sun shone down on us…the crisp air was exhilerating…the Hotel Bernina lovely…and food excellent. What more could anyone ask of a vacation? Winter is almost here and if cold weather and cold weather sports are your druthers, check out the Swiss National Tourist Office website and pick a destination in Switzerland. Would I steer you wrong? NEVER!

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