Planning A Whitewater Rafting Trip down The Green River, Utah

After waffling back and forth, I chose Western River Expeditions 4-Day Green River Rafting Trip. There were two main determining factors:

The date of the trip: July 9 which fit everyone’s schedule but another grandson who we have to leave behind (sorry, Jordan); and

What Western River included: the cots and sleeping bags. Almost all the operators provide tents but some charge extra for the sleeping bags, and the costs were mounting up. I also thought that a first camping experience would be nice on cots rather than sleeping on the ground.

Other considerations: the Green River is warmer than the Colorado River; the Grand Canyon trip was too long, difficult and expensive; there is a short, easy hike to outlaw hideouts that sounds like fun; Western carries 2-person inflatable kayaks; and the rapids are considered Class II-III – Moderate.


Air? “ex-Marine,” additional Dad and four (4) grandchildren will fly from Chicago to Salt Lake City. Two grandchildren live in Edmond, Oklahoma which means I will do an air-shuttle service, fly to OKC the night before, and fly with THEM to Salt Lake City. Are we getting complicated enough? Then, to really throw a monkey-wrench into the equation, I booked flights into Salt Lake City at 7:30pm thinking it read 7:30AM! (Space Cadet!) This ranks right up there with one of the biggest travel mistakes I’ve ever made…and you don’t think United will let me change them…not without a $100/person AND the additional amount that the fares went up… There was no choice but to leave the flights as scheduled.

Hotels? Need a hotel/motel in Moab, Utah for before Rafting starts. Moab, Utah Visitor Information has a wonderful site that will answer all your questions. Not only about Moab lodging, but everything around the area. This was a “no-brainer.”

Transport to and from Moab? More difficult. Didn’t want to rent a car for the four-hour drive from Salt Lake City; commuter air was too expensive; AMTRAK and Greyhound schedules didn’t work. This meant hiring a private “limo” (private van) service to go both ways.

What else?Everything else was included: All meals (they do all the cooking); scenic flight from Moab to the put-in on the river; cots (very nice for 1st time campers), tents, sleeping bags, chairs and water-resistant bags.

Travel Insurance?Extremely necessary for 9 persons. In case of accident and for cancellation purposes in case someone becomes ill before the trip. …
Packing lists and departure information arrived from Western River and we were ready to go…

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