Parasailing Off The Beaches of Mazatlan, Mexico

My last time in Mazatlan was off a Sitmar cruise spending lots of time on the beach trying to coax young son, Joel, that I was not trying to kill him by encouraging a parasail ride. He didn’t die and is the the premier Google Adsense guru and writer of the NY Times best seller, The AdSense Code. And his latest venture, iFart Mobile, an application for iPhones, has taken off like gangbusters. How much prouder could a parent be than to have a college educated son develop a “farting” application? Only kidding, I am very proud of him and older brother, Michael, who probably helped hone the farting range of sounds including lighting them. Michael, on the other hand, went up for his parasail ride without hesitation and like a champ setting a fine example for Joel. Now it’s time for grandchildren to be equally inspired even though they are terrified.

Found a parasailing person charging $30 U.S. each for the 10-minute parasail ride. FYI: It’s not necessary to change currency into Mexico Pesos. Everyone accepts U.S. Dollars. Nick, Sarah and Jenna were too young to parasail on the last family trip and this was their moment. Only single parasail riders are allowed in Mazatlan (no tandem). They screwed up their courage, lined up determined and scared “shitless.”

With very little wind this morning it took a while until the operators determined there was enough wind to fly. In Mazatlan you take off and land on the beach (in Hualtuco, we took off and landed on a boat, and tandem was allowed).

With family standing around for support, one after another they took off into the sky. Nick first and a perfect landing. Sarah, with a slight surf ending because the wind suddenly died down. Now, poor Jenna, completely terrified, had to stand around for another 30 minutes until the wind picked up again. Terror oozing out of every pore, she was up, around the bay and down with another perfect landing. Jenna said she was petrified the entire time but so proud of herself that she overcame her fear.

Parasailing is very easy (watch the video above) and an experience. Three beach steps and you’re in the air soaring over the bay, pull on one strap when the operator whistles to head back to the beach edge and before you know it, it’s over. A fabulous experience.

Zach decided to fly once more (he had parasailed years ago) but the wind died down again, and it took another 30 minutes before he was up. A perfect “10”, and I could finally sit down in the sand myself for a little relaxation. The family began a last-minute buying frenzy. Little magnets…so many to choose from…

Day 4 paula.jpg
Paula with her frog magnet in Mazatlan, Mexico


Day 4 selling purses.jpg
selling purses on the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico

… David, age 5, decided to give himself a mud bath…

Day 4 david mud 1.jpg
David enjoying the wet sand in Mazatlan, Mexico

…and then the nine grandchildren discovered the Henna Tattoo vendor….

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