Jeeping Through Pakistan: Road Blocks and Landslides Along The Way

The days were long…the nights not long enough…and you could see the pounds falling off everyone in the group. Poor Len’s boys went to ex-Marine one day and asked…”Steve, I know you’ll tell us the truth. When are we going to get good food?” Steve’s response, “Where are you going from here?” “China and then Hong Kong.” “Well, it’s not going to be until Hong Kong.” I was already counting the days until I got on the Singapore Airlines flight home. A sad commentary when you start looking forward to airline food!

One day on our way to who knows where, we came across a major road-building project. It didn’t make any difference if you were a semi-truck, government official or jeep…you weren’t going anywhere until who knows when. What can you do but go with the flow. Nigel and Aslam set to work and settled us in at the road building camp for the duration… Borrowed charpoys (a light bed or cot, common in India and Pakistan) from the crew and we all stretched out in the shade to wait out the blasting and building…

Pakistani road building

ex-Marine, Sheila and Margie sharing a charpoy in Pakistan

ex-Marine and Sheila sharing a charpoy in Pakistan

ex-Marine and Sue hanging out during Pakistani roadwork

In the meantime, cook whipped out his gear and started cooking up some sort of inedible lunch but by this time, we ate everything…inedible or not… Chicken lips? Bring it on… crunchy tendons…yummy…

cook doing his best under awful conditions in Pakistan

It’s pretty sad to say that we considered this one of the trip highlights. A chance to get out of the jeeps, and uncurl spines.

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