One Evening in Mostar, Herzegovina

Steve and I browsed the considerable amounts of Mostar shops without seeing anything that knocked my socks off. It looked like rain, crowded streets were thinning, and shopkeepers were pulling in displays, all with fast glances at the dark sky above. By the way, Bosnian, Croatian Kuna, and Euro were accepted in Mostar; there’s no need to change money. If you have to though, there are plenty of ATMs.

We walked back over Stari Most Bridge to Hotel Kriva Cuprija II for a short rest and to use the free Wi-Fi, walking back into Old Mostar around 7:00p. Our intention was to pick one of the charming restaurants along the River for dinner but then decided that those Doner Kebobs at the restaurant near Motel Kriva Cuprija looked pretty darn good! I think this spot is also owned by the Kriva Cuprija chain.

Sheila in Old Mostar, Herzegovina

restaurants along the Neretva River, Mostar

a last look at Stari Most Bridge, Mostar


The Doner Kebobs at little Kriva Cuprija stand were huge, filling and delicious. Since credit cards were not accepted, and we had only 10 Croatian Kuna ($1.92 U.S.) left, we paid in Euro.  Steve and I hesitate to spend large sums of money in unknown restaurants when traveling. A case in point was the group’s last dinner together at Motel Kriva Cuprija. We had thought of eating dinner there because the restaurant setting was so gorgeous but the group had derogatory comments; slow service, and a disagreement with the waiter over fish dinner prices, considerably higher than expected. Make a mental note – fish and meat is often sold by weight and not indicated on menus!

another Mostar restaurant

humungous Doner Kebob in Mostar


We’re happy with fast food. Cevapcici, Doner Kebobs, bring them on…or give us a moderately priced meal. Back to Hotel Kriva Cuprija to finish packing and stand on the third-floor balcony for beautiful views of Mostar at night.

Mostar UNESCO World Heritage Site at night, Herzegovina



One day I will learn how to take good photographs at night!

Igor will drive us to the bus station at 8:15a tomorrow for a long bus ride to Split, Croatia.


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