On The GR 221 in Mallorca

The different portion of the GR 221 today . Our private bus drove us up to Cuba (by the Dam) and let us off to walk down to Soller in a different direction. Each section of the GR had a map detailing the walk. Hikers were usually gathered around soaking in the details, lengthening poles, and getting ready for the day’s excursion. If you wonder why hiking poles are used, there are sesveral very good reasons. First, they absorb a good deal of the impact on your knees; second, act like an extra pair of legs; and third, help your balance in tricky spots. Once you get used to them, it’s impossible to hike without those extra “legs.”
mini-Mallorca 041.JPG
Off we started around the perimeter of the lake, created by the dam. It was very sunny, hot and easy going for a while.

Not a difficult climb to the pass, then literally downhill all the way. Most people don’t realize that downhills are much harder on your knees than uphills because of the impact.
mini-Mallorca 042.JPG
heading on up
Again, tremendous amounts of different nationalities out on the trail…hiking and walking in all directions. Young, old, families…wearing heavy-duty hiking boots, running shoes, flip-flops. Mountain bikers, blowing past us on the downhills. Ex-Marine really enjoys talking to people and tried out his approximately 15 words of Spanish on everyone he passed. (He also has a five-word German vocabulary including the all important “Guten Tag”.) When he passed a women on her cell, he immediately struck up a five-word conversation…”Hola, Senora…telephono….pizzeria…grande.”

On the next group of Spanish women, he used the rest of his Spanish….him “Hola”, them “Hola”, him “Buenas Tardes, them “Buenas Tardes”, him “Coma Esta?”, them “Bueno”, him “Adios and Hasta Luego”, them “Adios”. This entire conversation was conducted with great animation and laughter. They were enjoying lunch, sitting alongside a stream, with food, cakes, pies, coolers. Everyone out, enjoying the wonderful day in their own way.
mini-Mallorca 038.JPG
Jan, Michael and Peter – enjoying our day
It was a long way down, over cobblestone paths, through more olive terraces, to a village called Biniaraix, then walked into Soller.
mini-Mallorca 044.JPG
mini-Mallorca 039.JPG
Today’s total was 7.3 miles. Jumped on the same Tram down to Port Soller and this hike was over.
Starving! All restaurants were closed until later on so…Burger King it was. Topped off with some ice cream, following by glasses of wine…sitting outside at a cafe and people-watching.
mini-Mallorca 029.JPG
Tomorrow we leave Port Soller for Lluc and the Monastery…..

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