Cruising to Antarctica: Neko Harbor and Russian Night

The highlight as always was the penguins. Toiling their way from high rookeries to the sea… sitting on nests…squabbling and braying at each other while trying to steal rocks and pebbles…ignoring us completely while we tried to stay out of their very well-defined penguin trails. Shouts of “Penguin coming through”…and we’d jump out of the way.

Umpteen hundreds of photos later, we were still taking penguin pictures. Just one more… So cute and irresistible that I kept on shooting. I don’t know how many hundreds and/or thousands of Gentoos were here but plentiful was an understatement. Fiona said it was a good thing that there was still ample snow and ice pack. The stench would be overwhelming in another month from all the penguin poop.

defined penguin trail in Neko Harbor

Gentoos coming down the mountain in Neko Harbor

Susan and little penguin friend, about to meet in Neko Harbor

Gentoo penguin on a mission, Neko Harbor


hmm…which way now… Gentoo penguin tries to decide in Neko Harbor

Gentoo couple, Neko Harbor

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Antarctica… but it was time for our last zodiac ride back to the ship….

last zodiac ride in Antarctica

…because tonight was a Russian Celebration dinner (in honor of our primarily Russian crew) with vodka, borscht …View image…wine…View image

shots of Vodka for all – Russian Night in Antarctica

our beautiful Russian waitstaff on board M/V Lyubov Orlova

Kathryn and Jean enjoying the Vodka on Russian Night

…and everyone was in great spirits (ha-ha) after this spectacular day.

happy Chinese tourists enjoying Russian Night on M/V Lyubov Orlova

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