Welcome to Manado in North Sulawesi

After breakfast, set out for the last long drive to Manado, capital city of North Sulawesi. We’re looking forward to Manado, the major stopping-off point for spectacular diving and snorkeling at Bunaken Marine reserve and lots of day excursions to choose from. Already waffling back and forth on rafting or Tangkoko Nature Reserve for one day. Perhaps the Volcano hike or Highland Tour on the other free day. So little time…so much to do…

But right now, really looking forward to a respite from the long drives. We drove and drove. Lunch time came and went because every local restaurant Jo-Jo investigated along the way was either too dirty or served typical Minahasan food. To remind you, Minahasan food consists of bony dried fish, dog ((rintek wuuk in Minahasan), rat (tikkus) and fruit bat (paniki) usually prepared with large quantities of red-hot chilis. Now you know the Minahasan words for these exotic foods while traveling in Sulawesi. Eat…or not…

Day 14 way to maado.jpg
heading to Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

In desperation, Jo-Jo remembered a tiny hole-in-the-wall bakery on the road from a previous trip. Ran in and came out with freshly baked, delicious cupcakes.
The monotony of the road was relieved occasionally by villages decorating for Independence Day. Painting fences, improvising by using paper cups to string from fences and other decorations. Passed by the “red paper cup” village, followed by a “blue paper cup” village and corn drying alongside the road. …View image

Day 13 red cups.jpg
red cup village along the road to Manado, North Sulawesi

Day 14 house plants and blue.jpg
blue cup village along the road to Manado, North Sulawesi

…other road sights and…Thank You God… 8 hours, 400 km/248 miles later, Manado…View image… and the Hotel Minahasa. Can you believe that Jo-Jo and Odin were going to drop us off, say goodbye and hit the road back towards Gorontalo? They hoped to make the entire drive to Makassar in two-three days tops. Hugs and kisses and they were off on the road… Great guys!

Day 14 kids on truck.jpg
crammed on a truck in North Sulawesi

The Hotel Minahasa is a small, centrally located boutique-style hotel. One of the oldest hotels in Manado, hot water and showers with great views of Tana Toraja Island from the top level. Quaint, charming, small unusual rooms. Every room had a sitting pit two steps down from the bed. The bed was one step up from the main floor. And the bathroom shower was one step down. If you manage to leave the Hotel Minahasa without falling down or up all these steps in a small area, it’s a miracle. Took constant thought where to place feet every minute in the room but still thought this charming little hotel was perfect.

Central Sulawesi.jpg
North Sulawesi map
Day 17 Manada Tana Toraja.jpg
Tana Toraja is the distance, Manado, Sulawesi

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  1. Bill Yake says:

    I hope that travelers will refuse the custom of eating fruit bats (or other ‘bush meat’ – wild, native animals). Hunters out of Manado net unsustainable numbers of these endemic and highly social flying foxes – decimating populations far from Northern Sulawesi. Even the macaques of nearby National Parks are at risk.

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