Lonely Beach for Backpackers and Young at Heart, Koh Chang, Thailand

ex-Marine and I hailed down a sangtaew one afternoon to see what all the ballyhoo was over “Lonely Beach.” When we first arrived at the ferry port of Koh Chang, it sounded as if Lonely Beach was a popular destination judging by the amount of young people jumping into em>sangtaews going that direction. The first surprise was how relatively expensive it was to take a sangtaew out there. To be fair, it is a very hilly, 30-minute ride from White Sand Beach. Secondly, there’s nothing there but a “lonely beach.” The allure escaped us at first but certainly not all the younger backpackers and others settling in for a long and inexpensive stay. Sangtaews kept coming down the twisty road, unloading passengers and throwing their bags off the roof.

Then we walked into one of the “beach resorts”…View image… and discovered why those on an extreme budget were coming here. It was 560 Bahts for air conditioning, 290-480 Bahts for fan only, miniscule cottages…View image. Do the math and if you aren’t claustrophic and can squeeze two persons into one cottage, we’re talking $8-16 U.S. per night…View image. Ah…now I get it! Even if many of the cabins looked like a small wind would blow them down…View image.

Lonely Beach is the latest Koh Chang “in spot” for backpackers and anyone else who wants to settle into an isolated and cheap “beach existence.”

Day 15 on way to lonely beach.jpg
a sangtaew discharging more youngsters at Lonely Beach, Koh Chang

Lonely Beach map.jpg
Lonely Beach area map, Koh Chang, Thailand

Rent a motor bike or motorcycle, get a tattoo…View image, sit in the sun all day, drink beer until your stomach can’t hold any more, pick up a “companion”, contact AID’s…there’s a lot to do when you are young and, perhaps, a little thoughtless. Koh Chang has put out very explicit warnings about riding a motorcycle if you are inexperienced. The roads are narrow, hilly, drivers erratic and the island has quite a few deaths by motorcycle every year. Consider yourself forewarned.

Day 15 lonely beach ccabin for rent.jpg
I would get the screaming-meemies after two days in this teeny-tiny beach cabin on Koh Chang


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