Hiking Through The High Tatras of Poland and Slovakia

I’ve read a tremendous amount of travel literature on Krakow, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic but where and what were the High Tatra Mountains? A little investigation and googling showed the High Tatras are the highest mountain range in the Slovak Republic in the Carpathian chain. The border of Slovakia and Poland runs along the main mountain ridge.

A chance mailing of a tour called “The High Tatras” piqued my interest. It began in Krakow, Poland, drove to Zakopane, spent 4 nights in Zakopane with day hiking. Moved on to hiking from hut-to-hut for 3 days, two nights based in Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia with more day hikes, and ended in Prague, Czech Republic.

Central Europe

There would be sightseeing, mountain walking days among dramatic peaks and lakes on well-marked paths, and the two historic cities, Krakow and Prague. Graded “C” (moderate-strenous), the entire gamut sounded interesting to me and even ex-Marine (husband, Steve) agreed. Of course, my selective reading skimmed over some of the details. “…on occasion this will require the expenditure of a fair amount of energy…well-maintained foot paths made with huge slabs from the immediate area…there are chains to give support if needed on one or two sections which some people could find daunting…the pathways are rarely level…average walking time is six hours a day…”

Adventure Center (see sidebar for all the current Tatra and Poland trips), Wilderness Travel, Travel Slovakia, and iExplore are a few tour operators currently running hiking tours through this region.

Looked, booked and starting planning….


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