“Joker Card” Benefits in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

Time to tank up at breakfast on yogurt, fruit, meusli, granola, cold meats, cheeses, jelly, cake, two kinds of bread (kaiser rolls, brown bread loaded with nuts and grains), coffee. That should see us through our first hike in Hinterglemm.

A four-block walk over to the Hinterglemm Tourist Information Office, passing two Backereis that had meager selections. What a disappointment! The schnecken didn’t look outstanding but any port in a storm. Schnecken means snails in English and refers to the pastry shape. These sweet rolls come loaded with poppy seeds, nuts, other ingredients; gooey, tasty, most yummy and one of my favorite Austrian sweets. A little trial and error over the next two days before discovering the best cheese strudels in the entire world was made at Unterberger Backerei, one block from Hotel am Reiterkogel.

Unterberger Backerei for outstanding cheese strudel, Hinterglemm, Austria

wonderful, outstanding cheese strudels in Hinterglemm, Austria


Cheese strudel became our new favorite. Many times, Unterberger sold out their cheese strudels in the early morning hours and ordering for the next day became our routine and religion. These ambrosial hunks of cheese strudel were snarfed down by us, 11 consecutive days in a row.

Back to the Information Office that loaded us down with summer brochures, winter brochures, maps, What’s Happening in The Area. Whatever you needed to know, they had it. There was also free room booking displays. A Red light = no room. Green light = available, call on the free telephone located here. “I’s” are located in both Hinterglemm and Saalbach.

Hinterglemm Tourist Information Office, Austria


The Joker Card offers these benefits:

– Montelino’s adventure trail between the top and middle of the mountain has games and clues for the whole family. The same on Kodok Mountain. Both great for children.

– Adidas Freeridepark on the Reiterkogel is for bicyclists. Varied terrain with a single trails, jumps and hairpin bends for professionals and courageous downhill bikers. The X-Line is one of the longest freeride stretches in Europe on untouched trails.

World Games of Mountain Biking in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria


– Open air tennis courts in Saalbach, indoor and outdoor courts in Hinterglemm.

– Crazy Golf Saalbach and Hinterglemm

– Noddy train takes you to the end of the valley to the Teufelswasser (Devil’s Water), the Schnitza’s timber park and high ropes course.

– Public hiker’s bus in Saalbach Hinterglemm between Lengau and Jausern.

wood carvings from "Ice Age" in Hinterglemm, Austria


– Capt’n Hook adventure complex offers a unique swimming pool landscape with a wildwater channel, climbing net, pipe slide and more

– Up to 10 guided walks a week led by state certified walking guides. An English group was also staying at Hotel am Reiterkogel and many took advantage of the guided hikes. Especially the long, difficult hike that begins at the top of Schattberg Gondola, ends at the top of the Zell am See Gondola, called Pinzgauer Spaziergang. Distance: 14.4 km/9 miles, Duration: 6-1/2 hours. Neither of us are big for guided walks when participants are forced to keep up with whatever pace is being set.

The detailed hiking map listed 37 different hikes broken down into: Mountain Hiking on our Highest Peaks; Inspiring Panoramic Hikes; Themed Trails; Hikes for The Whole Family and The Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglemm. All color coded on the map. How much easier could they have made it?

portion of Saalbach Hinterglemm hiking map, Austria

top of the Zwolferkogelbahn (cable car) in Hinterglemm, Austria

family fun in the mountains of Austria


– Alpine flower path on the Reiterkogel

– Picture slide show (as shown on the weekly programme)

– Local museum/ski museum

– Medicinal herbal trail on the Reiterkogel with more than 200 local medicinal and culinary herbs, alpine flowers and explanations of their use and effect.

All of this is just what’s free for guests staying in participating hotels. Let’s go take a hike…



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