Izola/Isola in Slovenia

We took the local bus to Izola/Isola where there is a wonderful Tourist Information Office. In all towns throughout Europe (or the Balkans), just look for the big “I” which is usually the local Information Office. Tina, tic.izola@izola.si, gave us tons of information on the entire Istrian Peninsula as well as other parts of Slovenia. There’s so much to see and too little time to do everything.

With maps and information from Tina in hand, we walked around the Marina (there is a walking path that extends for miles and goes from town to town)…


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through the old section of Izola, View image enjoying the ancient, colorful houses painted in shades of apricot, blue and yellow…


small town of Izola/Isola, Slovenia

…watched the little children playing in the park (one little boy was doing his best to “stomp” on a pigeon – of course, they’re too fast), surrounded by gorgeous flowers…


…and just soaked in the atmosphere. View image

You could also walk or bicycle 7 km to Koper, another ancient town, from Izola. It was hard to decide which of these towns was our favorite. We had some major celebrity spotting in Piran. It seems that Prince Albert of Monaco was paying a visit along with the President of Slovenia. View image Yes, it’s really him in the limo. A little later that same day, CNN announced that Prince Albert had just admitted to fathering a second child out of wedlock. Ah…the important pieces of information we manage to hear 4,500 miles away from home! What would we do without CNN?

The trip was over but I have some Slovenian information and trivia to pass on…

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