In Zermatt, Snowshoeing or Summer Hiking in Switzerland

We selected the Hotel Aristella for our stay. There are umpteen hotels, pensions, apartments in Zermatt…it’s a matter of choice. What tipped Hotel Aristella in my favor was their blurb about excellent cuisine…that is the way to my heart. (They didn’t mislead us…the food was excellent!)

Since Lufthansa had managed to lose our luggage between Frankfurt and Zurich, our hotel turned out to be even more important. Natalie and Katerine (front desk people) went out of their way to place phone call after phone call to Lufthansa, Zermatt Post Office, etc., trying to track the bags down. How important was that? Everyone has experienced dialing a call and going through umpteen prompts before a live person answers? Try that when all the prompts are in German! They translated for us, the owners threw our hand-washed laundry into their dryers at no charge…they were all just downright wonderful…and the bags finally materialized, three days later!

We learned our lesson years ago and always travel with hiking boots (or winter boots) on our feet, warm jackets, hats, gloves on us…and never pack your medications or toiletries in your luggage. Just in case! And it was a good thing those items were on us (or with us). It helped us muddle by until the luggage materialized..

Zermatt Tourism has a wonderful site. It’s too late in the season for snowshoing (though there is summer skiing on the glacier), but Summer is just around the corner.

Let me tell you a little about our snowshoing experience there.

top of the Gornergrat

Weather? Spring skiing conditions – warm and sunny every day.

Getting around the resort? Free buses to and from all the lifts.

Food? Lots of restaurants but we took half-pension at Hotel Aristella which consisted of buffet breakfast (including eggs, ham, rolls, bread, yoghurt, juice, coffee, etc.) and a 4-course dinner which was always delicious and presented beautifully. One night was fondue – I love dipping all those bread pieces into the creamy, melted cheese. Yummy! If there is anything on the nightly menu that you don’t particularly care for, they are very obliging about changing it. Sorry – I’ve always had a hard time eating “Bambi” and “Little Bunny Foo-Foo.” And, take a look at my favorite pastry shops! View image

Zermatt CLEARS hiking paths during the Winter and they are constantly being used. We’ve never been to a resort where they physically clear 45 km of paths for their guests.

winter walking in the Zermatt area

Everyone is out walking, if they are not skiing. There are babies in strollers (you can rent a stroller); people sitting on benches catching rays or on restaurant terraces, eating; older people walking slowly View image, young people with mountain axes…ready to ice climb. It was amazing to watch.

trail signs for walking

A little more tomorrow….

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  1. Greg Witt says:

    Good choice on the Aristella. I guide hikers in the Alps every year with Alpenwild and we always have dinner at their restaurant, Grill Spycher. Wonderful!

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